Baltimore, MD – July 10, 2020: Corona minute- Marathon Run

It is becoming clear, in spite of all of our greatest hopes, that we are in this for the long haul. It is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, the strategies have to be applicable to the race we’re running. Marathon runners need to pace themselves. We also have to take measured steps, or the proverbial brick wall will stop us in our tracks. This race involves all of us. We are one team. We are all running this “race” together. We want the whole team to be present at the finish line and as intact as possible when we get there.

This situation has highlighted how interconnected we are. How our decisions and actions affect others. How many variables are involved in making the best decisions. How important accurate and timely information is to assessing the risk/benefit ratio- taking into account all of the fallout that a course of action may cause.

It has occurred to me that this process is what doctors engage in multiple times a day, or more precisely, an hour, every time we propose a plan of action for a patient. We know these decisions affect not just physical health, but financial and emotional well-being as well.

Now we are dealing with a situation an order of magnitude more complex. I see that we are equipped to do it. We have an extremely committed, bright, talented and concerned group of doctors and medical health professionals, who behind the scenes have been working to steer our community through this ordeal. JCovid has been a resource for the community, and I encourage you to avail yourselves of its assistance. It is manned by, and supported by, medical professionals with up to date information. There is too much misinformation out there. You can trust the selfless, altruistic, faceless people behind JCovid.

There have also been groups of physicians and other health care providers, who have been meeting one or two times a week (under the tutelage of Dr. Dani Poliakoff- sorry Dani , but I feel you deserve a shout out), to try to figure out the best way forward, and develop the best advice.

Every one of us is looking forward to business as usual. But for now, this is the new normal. I will try, if my schedule allows, to present updates from this group along with other information, on a more regular schedule.

For now, click on Dr. Ditchek and Rabbi Dr. Glatt who have informative pieces on yesterday’s BJL that you should check out.

And of course, I would really be remiss if I did not adjure you to not let your mask down. Wear it proudly with the knowledge that you are protecting yourself, and even more importantly, others, including their mental well-being.

Stay safe and well