The necklace was of the Hindu swastika, which has different meaning, according to a company's spokesperson.

Online clothing retailer Shein sold a swastika necklace on its site, but quickly took it down after it received backlash on Twitter.The necklace, titled "Swastika," was priced $2.50. With many users expressing their disbelief at the fact that such an item could be sold by any company.

"In case u needed another reason to boycott Shein: they are selling SWASTIKA NECKLACES," One user tweeted. "This is ACTIVELY THREATENING to the Jewish community. I've seen you all posting about other issues but being silent on antisemitism - do NOT let Shein get away with this."A Shein spokesperson sent a response to the New York Post, in which they tried to explain the reasoning behind the controversial item. Read more at JPost