JERUSALEM (VINnews) — A Chareidi woman posted on Facebook pointing out the difference between the way Israeli police are treating Chareidim not wearing masks and secular people flouting the regulations. In one instance a wealthy man organized a Bat Mitzva celebration for his daughter with 1000 participants- a clear violation of regulations limiting events to 250 people. Police however said that they would give out masks to guests but did not want to fine people in order not to “ruin the event.”

When it came to a young Chareidi girl in Jerusalem who was not wearing a mask while walking her little siblings down the street, police did not feel the need to demonstrate sensitivity. They detained her, causing tremendous emotional pain, and wanted to fine her until passersby intervened.

In another instance police gave out a mask to a secular woman while a Chareidi woman found without her mask was fined.

As one blogger quipped: If you see a policeman, put on your mask. If you didn’t put on the mask in time, take off your kippah.