The United States is ending its special treatment of Hong Kong as separate from mainland China, with both the State and Commerce departments announcing actions Monday that will pare back its special status. This comes after Beijing ushered a sweeping national security law through its rubber-stamp parliament last month that will drastically increase mainland China’s control of Hong Kong.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said the U.S. is taking back some trade benefits it affords Hong Kong by suspending the availability of export license exceptions. He said further actions are also being evaluated.

“With the Chinese Communist Party’s imposition of new security measures on Hong Kong, the risk that sensitive U.S. technology will be diverted to the People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security has increased, all while undermining the territory’s autonomy,” Ross said in a statement. “Those are risks the U.S. refuses to accept and have resulted in the revocation of Hong Kong’s special status.”

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo separately announced Monday that the U.S. is ending exports of U.S.-origin defense equipment and will impose new restrictions on dual-use technologies. Read more at FOX Business