Baltimore, MD - June 17, 2020:

Dear Bais Yaakov High School Administration and Staff,

We hope all is well with you. 

A graduation is always a perfect time to reflect on a student's achievements and what the school has done for the student to succeed. We have immense gratitude for what Bais Yaakov has done for Miriam and all our children. The dedication, sensitivity and love demonstrated towards each Bais Yaakov girl shines through each day.

Last week's graduation was a real-time demonstration of all the amazing qualities of Bais Yaakov, its administration and staff. As we walked to our seats, we were filled with appreciation for the beautiful "in person" celebration for the 2020 Bais Yaakov graduating class. It would have been so much easier for Bais Yaakov to take the easy way out, and host a "Zoom" graduation. However, Bais Yaakov doesn't take the easy way out, when it comes to enhancing our girls' experience. It was clear from the set up and the program, that the administration and staff put HUGE effort into organizing the graduation with everybody's safety and enjoyment as the highest priority. 

May Hashem shower brocha down on the school, staff, administration, and our entire community.


Nechemia and Chayala Isbee