A protest is planned for this Shabbos in Lakewood over the death of George Floyd and the organizers include a high school teacher who believes there will no change until “bloodshed” arises and reportedly posts anti-Semitic screeds on his Facebook page.

“We are preparing with the help of our community liaisons, so that we can handle any situation that may arise. It is our priority to maintain the safety of the community we serve, while allowing and respecting the right to a peaceful demonstration,” Lakewood Capt. Gregory Staffordsmith explained in a message to the community. “We ask that you keep all of those affected by the events in Minnesota and around the country, in your thoughts and prayers,” the statement said.

The local Jewish community does not seem too confident that this will be a peaceful event, knowing what has been going on across America during the last week of these violent protests. Twelve people have been murdered, police have been stabbed, attacked and shot, while shuls and Jewish businesses have been looted and vandalized nationwide  Lakewood police seem to understand this could be a disaster as they have also requested business remove all valuables & board up their storefronts.

This protest was organized by Marquis Oliver, a 2013 graduate of Lakewood High School.

The Lakewood Vaad has expressed its support for the event, which it says will not be violent.

Marquis had some anti-Semitic rhetoric on his Facebook page regarding the protest, but Marquis claims his Facebook account has been hacked and the dialogue was not his.

Mr. Oliver, a Lakewood High School substitute teacher paid for by the people of Lakewood, apparently agreed that ‘nothing’s going to change unless there is bloodshed,” according to sources. Read more.