JERUSALEM (VINnews) — The Israeli government authorized Tuesday evening a string of additional leniencies which will allow the rest of the economy to gradually return to activity. The main leniencies include the opening of bars, pubs, swimming pools, tourist attractions, cable cars and boats for public use.

The operation of these enterprises will be permitted under conditions of social distancing, face masks, strict maintenance of hygiene, signs notifying where to stand in line and where to sit.

Regarding the number of people allowed to be in stores, malls, markets and other businesses, the new regulations allow for one person in every 7 square meters (sqm) or up to 50 people in a place where they can be 2 meters away from one another. At service desks there will be partitions to prevent physical contact between people.

In food chains, bars and pubs the amount of people allowed will be up to 85% of the normal number of people allowed in the business permit. In swimming pools, one person for every 6 sqm. Cablecars can hold up to half the regular permitted amount of persons.

Car rides will be allowed with two additional people besides the driver (as opposed to one at present). If all the riders are members of one household they will be allowed to ride together. Similarly in an exigency a larger number of riders will be permitted.

Prime Minister Netanyahu said that “we received the very uplifting news that the government has authorized the opening of pubs, bars, large parks and swimming pools. Firstly we want to aid the economy- businesses and self-employed people who are waiting for this moment. We also want to ease your lives, to allow you to go out and come back as naturally as possible, to drink a cup of coffee, to drink beer. Firstly, go and have a great time! But we will watch developments closely and prepare in accordance with the development of infections. Let’s hope we don’t have to change anything.”