JERUSALEM (VINnews) — Four years ago, Avi Avital was stabbed and seriously injured in a terror attack at a Rami Levi supermarket north of Jerusalem. Sergeant Yanai Weisman, a father of a young girl who came to the aid of Avital, was murdered in the terror attack, which was perpetrated by two 14-year-old Palestinians. The terrorists who were not injured in the attack received life sentences in jail.

Kan 11 news announced Wednesday that Avital is suing the Palestinian Authority for 20 million NIS due to the severity of his injuries as well as due to their encouraging terror, incitement, support for terrorists and financial assistance to them. Avital is demanding that Israel seize the money from taxes which Israel levies for the PA.

The lawsuit stressed that “the Palestinian Authority has set its goal to increase terror attacks and victims and it pursues this goal zealously. It supports and funds malicious attackers after it encourages them from childhood to perpetrate these acts and therefore it has direct responsibility for the attempted murder of the plaintiff. ” Avital’s lawyer Sharon Ravid told Kan 11 that he would request to confiscate the money from PA money being held by Israel.