Many people have been using their extra time during the coronavirus lockdown wisely and have adopted new habits to keep themselves busy. In fact, a recent survey of 2,000 British adults reveals that 43% of people feel they’ve “changed their ways for the better” as a result of all the time inside these past few months.

Researchers sought to learn how habits and daily lives have changed as a result of the lockdown. Nearly half of those surveyed expect to keep up these new hobbies, skills, and daily habits they’ve taken on after the lockdown restrictions are lifted. Learning new computer skills, creating podcasts, participating in online fitness classes and going for long walks are some of the new activities people have turned to as a new means to occupy their time.

The survey, commissioned by LG Electronics, shows that 43% of respondents feel they have “changed their ways for the better” as a result of the lockdown. For example, about two in five feel their new habits have helped their overall well-being. A quarter of adults say these activities have taught them new ways to relax. They hope to continue to be their improved selves once everyone returns to their old routines.

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