The Baltimore City Council on Monday passed a bill that would ban retailers from using plastic bags in most situations, and instituting a 5-cent fee for other bags.

The bill passed nearly unopposed, with Councilwoman Danielle McCray the only vote against it. McCray said she supports a ban on plastic bags, but said she considered the fee a regressive tax on low- and fixed-income residents.

Scattered applause could be heard in the council chamber after the bill passed.

Councilman Bill Henry thanked activists who had fought for the measure, "not just on this most recent incarnation but for all of the times that we have tried over the entire time I've been on the council... We have been trying for many years to reduce the proliferation of single-use plastic in Baltimore City."

The bill now goes to Mayor Bernard C. "Jack" Young, who could sign the bill or let it become law without his signature.

Councilmembers also passed a bill to lower water bills for low-income residents and create more transparency for customers who dispute their water bills.