Baltimore, MD - Oct. 23, 2019 - Congratulations to officer Taranyk, who was named the Pikesville police precinct’s Officer of the Month for September. It was my pleasure to present officer Taranyk with a resolution on behalf of the County Council at tonight’s Pikesville Police Community Relations Council meeting for her outstanding work and accomplishments.

Last month, officer Taranyk received a call for a missing person. While investigating this issue, officer Taranyk realized that there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the victim's disappearance. Officer Taranyk believed that foul play may have been involved. Officer Taranyk immediately acted on her instincts and conducted a thorough investigation. 

Through her investigation, officer Taranyk determined that the missing person had been the victim of a homicide. Officer Taranyk worked to locate the victim’s body, the victim’s vehicle and identify the suspect responsible. Supervisors from the homicide team described officer Taranyk as an integral part of the investigation and complimented her on her efforts.