We regret to inform you of the passing of Anne Krasna a"h, wife of Dr. Irwin, mother of Eta Levenson, and of Dr. Mark, Richard, Dr. Joshua and Benjamin Krasna.

The funeral will take place Thursday, September 12th, at Eretz HaHayim Cemetery in HarTuv (near Bet Shemesh), at 12:00 noon (or later, based on arrival of United Airlines Flight 84).

Shiva at Josh Krasna's home, 6 Nahal Galim St., Modiin, until Wednesday morning September 18. (Please do not park on Nahal Galim St.)  

  • Shaharit at 0630. 
  • Mincha at 1830 
  • Arvit at 1915. 

Mark and Benjie will be leaving Israel on Monday evening, and then sitting in Baltimore, MD.

 May Hashem comfort the family with all those who mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.