Gov. Larry Hogan held a joint meeting with federal and state law enforcement officials to discuss a number of issues, including the threat posed by racially motivated extremists. 

On Monday, Hogan met with Maryland State Police and FBI officials to review joint efforts to address violent crime in Baltimore.

In a statement, Hogan said the following: "We reviewed our joint efforts to address the violent crime crisis in Baltimore City and disrupt the gangs and criminal enterprises that are responsible for so much of the deadly violence."

Hogan said the meeting also focused on ways to combat threats posed by white supremacists, following the mass shootings in the Texas border city of El Paso and in Dayton, Ohio. 

"In addition, after this weekend’s horrific shootings, we discussed the steps being taken to combat the threat posed by the evil of white supremacists and racially motivated violent extremists. The Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center is actively monitoring open source media and online activity for any potential threats.

Keeping our cities and communities safe is my most solemn responsibility as governor. In all of these areas, I reiterated the importance of total communication and coordination at all levels of government. 

Together, we must forcefully condemn and work to eradicate racism and hatred in all its forms." 

On Monday, Sen. Ben Cardin, addressed mass violence saying: "This is happening daily in our community. We may not have the multiple deaths, but it is a just a climate in our country. This is a public health crisis. We've got to take action. We can't just say that we can't do things. We gotta pass sensible gun safety legislation, universal background checks, get these assault weapons off the street, they should have no place in our community. We need to get that done now. We should have gotten it down years ago, so congressmen should act. We need presidential leadership, I'm not sure we'll see that. But Congress needs to act."