Baltimore, MD - July 23, 2019 - Ahavas Yisrael, founded in 1978, provides food, clothing, shelter, and basic living support to members of the Baltimore community. Known for its sensitivity, discretion, diligence, and professionalism, Ahavas Yisrael has a reputation as the go-to resource for anyone in our community seeking help. Ahavas Yisrael assists individuals and families across varying levels of need with focused, pragmatic support services, while passionately ensuring the dignity of all recipients. While other forms of assistance face bureaucratic hurdles and system approvals, Ahavas Yisroel is our community’s “first-responder” to social needs, providing swift hands-on assistance aimed to provide immediate support with a long-term resolution in mind.  The organization receives generous and enthusiastic support from across the spectrum of our community (and across the world), making the relationship between Ahavas Yisrael and the Baltimore Kehilla truly unique.

Ahavas Yisrael is known as the organization that provides Shabbos food package to the needy. But Ahavas Yisrael does so much more!


  • Ahavas Yisrael collaborates with many local organizations, including Jewish Community Services, Agudath Israel of Maryland, Amit, Bikur Cholim, Chai, Chai Lifeline, CHANA, The Chesed Fund, Chevra Kadisha, Hatzalah, JTap, Jewish Caring Network, Job Link, Menucha, Mesila, NCSY, Relief Resources, Shalom Tikvah, Simchas Esther and others
  • Ahavas Yisrael works closely with the administrators of local Gemach organizations, schools and Yeshivos
  • Ahavas Yisrael works regularly with many local dentists, helping to provide affordable dental services
  • Ahavas Yisrael works closely with Mesila to help families budget properly and understand personal finances
  • Ahavas Yisrael works with local food stores, encouraging them to donate Shabbos packages to families in need
  • Ahavas Yisrael partners with Maryland Food Bank to receive food for Shabbos packages
  • Ahavas Yisrael is guided by our local Rabbonim, who maintain a close, constant relationship with AY representatives

Community Support

  • Ahavas Yisrael has an annual budget of over $3,000,000
  • Ahavas Yisrael has provided support to over 1,500 families since its inception over 40 years ago
  • Ahavas Yisrael has provided support to over 900 families in the past year
  • Ahavas Yisrael distributed more than $500,000 this year in assistance to needy individuals and families
  • Ahavas Yisrael helps families who experience hardships due to unemployment, personal and financial struggles, or illness
  • Ahavas Yisrael mails out checks to individuals and families before Yomim Tovim (five times a year). Annually, this support amounts to more than $1,000,000
  • Ahavas Yisrael helps families get back on their feet by offering support during periods of difficulty, providing skills and other resources needed to be (or become) self-sufficient
  • Ahavas Yisrael deems sensitivity and discretion a top priority. In many instances, recipients are not even aware that they are receiving Ahavas Yisrael support


  • Ahavas Yisrael helps people find jobs
  • Ahavas Yisrael helps people find affordable places of residences
  • Ahavas Yisrael currently provides 100 families with food boxes or food certificates on a weekly basis, enhancing their ability to enjoy Shabbos
  • Ahavas Yisrael assists with BGE shutoff notices
  • Ahavas Yisrael provides support to individuals dealing with threats of eviction or foreclosure
  • Ahavas Yisrael has a full-time case worker who provides direct support to families


  • Claims Conference Holocaust Survivor Food Program – Ahavas Yisrael helps many local Holocaust survivors each month by providing them with supplemental food certificates
  • Hadras Esther-The Esther Lefkowitz Memorial Clothing Fund – Ahavas Yisrael distributes clothing certificates that can be redeemed at local clothing stores
  • The Sofie Gutman Memorial Bridal Gown Gemach – Ahavas Yisrael enables mothers and sisters of Kallahs to rent affordable gowns through this Gemach
  • Ahavas Yisrael has a Bar Mitzvah Fund for families in need

The incredible life-saving acts of Ahavas Yisroel are perpetuated and sustained solely through the generosity and compassion of the Baltimore Jewish community. Join us TODAY, Tuesday, July 23, when all donations are quadrupled due to our generous matchers. YOUR generous support enables Ahavas Yisroel to literately save Jewish lives in the most caring, Torah-focused manner: effectively, compassionately, and discreetly. To donate: