To Acheinu Bnei Yisroel,

When we began this campaign 4 days ago, we embarked upon the impossible. We desperately needed to raise 2M+ in the course of a few days to save of the life of our daughter Eliana. Very quickly, Klal Yisroel joined together and in an unprecedented display of Achdus, this lifesaving campaign gathered force. With great Siyata Dishamya and B’chasdei Hashem, we were able to reach this unprecedented goal and are now in a position to receive the miracle drug.

We want to take the opportunity to recognize and thank each and every one of you for your tefillos and generous support.

Please continue to pray for Chana bas Shani, as we still have a long way to go!

Eliana Cohen, daughter of Shani Levi Cohen and Ariel Cohen, ( Miami Forida) is about to turn 2 years old. She has been diagnosed with SMA type 2, which is a very rare genetic disease.

In May 2019, the FDA approved a "miracle drug" Zolgensma, which can create the gene that is missing. This approval has allowed for the drug to be administered only for children up to 2 years of age. We are now in the fight for life trying to get this medication for Eliana. This medication could help Eliana to have the ability to stand and hopefully walk while securing her ability to eat and breathe on her own. This drug is a one time dosage that costs around $2.2 million dollars. At this time, insurance is denying the approval of this drug for Eliana. We have exhausted all aveues including doctors, attorneys, judges and appeals to help us. If the baby does not get this medication by July 18th she will no longer be applicable, as the FDA only approves for babies under 2. This new drug Zolgensma made by Novartis/AveXis is the “miracle cure”. We are asking for your help so Eliana can have this life changing treatment. ++We have less than 1 week to achieve this goal.++ Anything that you can contribute is sincerely appreciated.

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Eliana’s name has been changed to Chana bat Shani. Please keep davening!

Please note: the Chessed fund attaches a voluntary 10% tip to your donation. If you do NOT want to contribute this amount, and just want your contribution to go entirely to Eliana’s fund, please be sure to change the amount in the Chessed Fund TIP box to 0, before pressing donate.

We can provide any Rabbi Verifications and Doctor Notes.

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Thank you everyone for the overflowing responses and generous donations, your support is greatly appreciated. We have very limited time, so please keep sharing! Tizku limitzvos and may we hear besoros tovos soon.

אליענה כהן

תינוקת בת 23 חודשים צריכה את עזרתכם.

SMA2 אליענה אובחנה בערב שבועות במחלת

זוהי מחלה גנטית נדירה המחלישה את השרירים בעמוד השדרה וגורמת לשיתוק מוחלט.

במאי 2019 יצאה תרופה מצילת חיים אשר מרפא את הגן החסר ואושרה על ידי ה-


מחיר התרופה 2.2 מיליון דולר.

לאחר מאבק עם עורכי דין במשך כחודש ימים מול חברת הביטוח המשפחה נתקלה בסירוב והסיבה:

שזוהי לא תרופה הכרחית למצב.....

FDA התרופה אושרה על ידי ה ה.

לילדים עד גיל שנתיים ובאופן חד פעמי לכל החיים.

אליענה תהיה בת שנתיים ב20 ליולי 2019.

יש לנו רק שבוע ימים להציל אותה.

שם התרופה : zolgensma

שם החברה:Norvartis/Avexis

בבקשה ממכם עזרו לנו להציל את אליענה .

״כל המציל נפש אחת מישראל כאילו הציל עולם ומלואו״...

שם התינוקת אליענה השתנה לחנה, אנא התפללו בשביל

חנה בת שני