One of the highlights of the Torah Umesorah 75th anniversary dinner was an original song and video production depicting the heartfelt belief and mission of Torah Umesorah as instilled in us by our Roshei Yeshiva : To ensure that all of our children can aspire to the level of our Gedolim. Despite carrying the weight of klal Yisrael’s challenges on their shoulders, our Gedolim never hesitate to make the chinuch of even the youngest of our tiknokos shel beis raban a top priority. Torah Umesorah is grateful for their daily hadracha, helping our students to not only succeed, but to reach for the stars - by being lifted up and riding On The Shoulders of Giants.

Credits: Composed and Sung By: Baruch Levine Lyrics By: Malka Leah Josephs

Video Produced by: Kol Rom Music

Arranged and Mixed by: Doni Gross Recorded At: DeG Studios, NYC