Boro Park – It was a night to remember for parents and supporters of Krasna Cheder in Borough Park as they turned out in large numbers to take part in the annual dinner hosted by the popular boys school.

This year’s event held this past Tuesday, March 5th, carried additional significance as it was the first dinner since the successful completion of the massive building of the Krasna mosdos on 16th Ave. and 44 St. in Borough Park. Fittingly, the event was hosted in the new building, in the beautiful Eminence – Ateres Moshe ballroom which has quickly gained a reputation as one of the premier halls in the neighborhood.

The theme of the evening was a strong focus on the tremendous success of the recent move to the state-of-the-art location. Throughout the night, the organizers of the event and the distinguished speakers shared how the bright and spacious facility is providing a warm and happy environment that is conducive to productive Chinuch and is helping children reach their full potential with serenity and peace of mind.

The exciting programming also featured popular guest speakers and heart-stirring musical performances. The Krasna Rav Shlit”a spoke about the high standard of learning in the school and how great efforts are taken so that each boy can be lifted up to his class’ level. He also spoke warmly in memory of the two Gabbaim of Krasna, R’ Eliezer Kahana Liberman Z”L and R’ Tzvi Elimeilech Grossman Z“L in whose memory the dinner was dedicated.

A highlight of the Dinner was the song of appreciation performed in honor of R’ Avrohom and R’ Meir Fischman for the pivotal role they played in the successful development of the building, in memory of their father, the famed Krasna supporter and President R’ Moshe Fischman Z”L. Set to warm tunes, the lyrics expressed the gratitude of the hundreds of students who can now experience the educational and recreational benefits of the wonderful new facility.

The large crowd cheered and shared their gratitude as askanim and key supporters were presented with plaques as a token of appreciation for their support for the Cheder and the massive construction endeavor. The parents whose kids continue to benefit from a great Chinuch in this Torah institution were happy to say thanks to those who have made it all possible.

The large turnout and generous support of parents and members of the community provided a boost of encouragement to the Krasna administration and leadership. During the entire evening, a feeling of appreciation was felt throughout the ballroom for the tremendous achievement of this successful project and for the Krasna Mosdos which provide an excellent Chinuch to their many students.

As the night came to an end, the smiles on the faces of the participants was evidence to the success of the evening and to the collective determination to see the Krasna Cheder continue building on its reputation as one of the leaders of Torah and education in the Chareidi world.

אדר ב' תשע"ט