Hagit Amir, a director of a northern Israeli daycare center, sent a letter to the children’s parents informing them she intends to change the Erev Shabbos tradition of having a Shabbos Ima and Abba “so as not to harm pluralism and gender equality”.

“As an organization, we’re undergoing a process in which the curriculum is designed to reflect pluralism, multiculturalism, and gender equality. As part of the process, teachers are gradually learning to change Kabbalas Shabbos so it reflects gender equality.

“Therefore, the ‘Father and Mother of Shabbat’ roles were replaced with Mikablei Shabbat. With Mikablei Shabbat, division into pairs will be arranged according to the order in the role-call, so that Mikablei Shabbat may be a boy and a girl, a girl and a girl, or a boy and a boy.

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