Baltimore, MD - Dec. 4, 2018 - On December 9, I will lead a delegation of elected officials from the Baltimore City Council to Fort Worth, TX. The delegation, which will include Vice President Sharon Green Middleton, Councilman Robert Stokes (Chairman, Executive Appointments Committee), and Councilman Brandon Scott (Chairman, Public Safety Committee), will spend several days in Fort Worth speaking with and interviewing a cross-section of people who have interacted with the Mayor’s candidate to lead the Baltimore Police Department, Mr. Joel Fitzgerald. Our questions will be open-ended. We want to understand Mr. Fitzgerald’s time in Fort Worth and allow for honest dialogue. 

The trip will take place December 9 through 11, and will give my colleagues on the Council and I a real sense of the candidate’s character and will help us understand firsthand how he dealt with adversity in his most recent leadership post.

Now here’s where you, the citizens of Baltimore, come in.

The elected representatives who plan to travel to Fort Worth have a number of important questions we want to ask when we arrive, but we also value the input of our constituents.

To that end, I am asking members of the public to reach out to me with questions they would like us to ask while we’re conducting investigations in Fort Worth I would like to hear your questions and concerns.

Please email your question to me at

Once we return to Baltimore, my office will compile the notes and information we gather on the ground in Fort Worth into a report that will be published and made available to members of the City Council and to the general public..


City Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young