Baltimore, MD - Oct. 9, 2018 -  Cheshvan What’s the message of the extreme transition from the months of Av, Elul and Tishrei, to Cheshvan, months of highs to a month absent any holidays. Surely, in a calendar steeped in mysticism and purpose, representative of different signs, a lesson exists. The key lies in the word Cheshvan which reminds one of the word cheshbon that has a gematria of 364. Cheshbon symbolizes a reckoning whereas din (symbolic of the previous three months) stresses objective judgment. Cheshvan is the key to the whole year (364) minus the combination of the three previous holidays (1) to equal a full calendar year of 365. The Beis Halevi famously distinguishes between din and cheshbon as din is an objective judgment whereas cheshbon is a judgement on one’s potential. Indeed, from Cheshvan and on, we are now being viewed from a potential state to what we can become whereas before we were viewed based on strict findings. This symbolizes growth and reaching. The parsha of Noach is also symbolic of a state of continued cheshbon. Again, the Beis Halevi, in another insight contrasts the chiddush of Breishis where each day something was created anew to the seventh day where a passive creation of rest was established. From the seventh day and on the world continued in its natural state, in the form of "Noach," rest, as opposed to be created anew. Only in a time of rest can one actualize a true cheshbon and evaluate his actions with time and precision. This is in fact the intersection between Noach and Cheshvan. May we all take the rest of the year to make an honest assessment of where we are going and whether we are reaching our highest potential.