Baltimore, MD, July 2, 2018 — In response to news that a prominent American Jewish BDS activist has been refused entry to Israel, the Coalition for Jewish Values issued the following statement:

BDS is transparently anti-Semitic, eerily reminiscent of boycotts historically perpetrated against Jews by our worst enemies. Yet history is also replete with examples of Jewish renegades who defamed their own people in order to gain personal acceptance and favor. Today's Jewish leftists promote BDS while ignoring human rights crises in Asia, Africa, South America and of course the Middle East itself -- because their concern is not human rights, but hatred of their own Jewish heritage.

The CJV further called attention to its statement made last year, when another American group was refused entry: "Israel’s decision is prudent, reasonable, and entirely justified. No government is expected to welcome those who advocate for that nation’s destruction. In the case of Israel, an individual who... displays ignorance of the classic signs of anti-Semitism and aligns herself with those anxious to shed Jewish blood is yet more dangerous and thus even less welcome."

The Coalition for Jewish Values (CJV), the largest rabbinic public policy organization in America, articulates and advocates for public policy positions based upon traditional Jewish thought.