Baltimore, MD - June 21, 2018 - A fantastic celebration was experienced by many local Rabbonim and out of town guests on Sunday afternoon at Khal Chassidim of Baltimore.  The Chassidishe Cheder celebrated its first Chumash graduation as six adorable Yingelach, adorned with crowns and sashes, sang and recited pesukim before a standing room only crowd. Rabbi Chaim Dov Markowitz, melamed extraordinaire, led the boys in a well rehearsed presentation.   

Introduced by Rabbi Y.  Zvi Weiss, Menahel,  Divrei Brocha were given by Rabbi Hershel Rosenfeld,  Rov and rosh kollel. Proud parents and grandparents looked on and shepped nachas. A lively rikkud followed as Baltimore, once again, experienced a new milestone.  The class of boys will soon progress to Kittah Beis as Rabbi Markowitz takes on a new group of boys in Elul.