We are excited to announce that Hatzalah is starting in Houston and are now accepting applications.

In an emergency medical situation, every second counts and a quick response can mean the difference between life and death. We all know a situation where the services of Hatzalah were needed. The entity of Hatzalah is, without a doubt, indispensable in every Jewish community. Successful outcomes during life-threatening medical emergencies are often directly dependent on a rapid response time that only Hatzalah can deliver.

Hatzalah responders possess a unique understanding of the cultural and religious sensitivities of the Frum community and are in an exceptional position to help the patient and their family make prudent decisions. This is particularly relevant on Shabbos and Yom Tov when people are often unsure whether it may be appropriate to violate Shabbos. Hatzalah of Houston is currently being formed with the objective of providing skilled medical care within minutes of being dispatched. Hatzalah’s first responders will provide professional stabilizing medical services and remain with the patient until a Houston Fire Department ambulance arrives for transport. Members will also function as patient advocates and liaisons with the Houston Fire Department.

Our current scope of coverage is the area of Fondren Southwest Northfield 1 – 8; more precisely defined by the Eruv map and will be operational 24/7/365. Future plans include expansion to other Houston Jewish communities.

Are you motivated to make a difference in people’s lives? Hatzalah needs YOUR help!

• Volunteer – Join the cadre of dedicated first responders and dispatchers by completing a member application. Applications can be obtained by sending an email to info@houstonhatzalah.org and may be scanned and emailed to the same email, mailed to PO Box 711354, Houston, TX, 77271, or given to a board member.

• Donate – Additional founding sponsorships are available, as well as corporate sponsorships. Serious inquiries only.

For more information please email info@houstonhatzalah.org, or contact David Fishman, Mendy Traxler, Josh Serwatian, Chaim Baruch Bergida, or Nosson Dubin.

Important Notes:

The application is for Responders and Dispatchers.Please submit your application as soon as possible, no later than June 20th.Please submit your completed applications to:info@houstonhatzalah.org, give it to one of the directors or mail it to our PO Box as notated in the application guidelines.Once your application is received, you will receive an email confirmation.

Thank you,
David Fishman
Hatzalah of Houston