Baltimore, MD - May 28, 2018 - In lead up to its million dollar campaign tomorrow, Lev Shlomo has released a heartfelt single.

“It’s about home. Home isn’t always a place. It can be a person, a feeling, a community, or even Hashem.”

Several months ago Pinny Schachter took a guitar off the wall of a Brooklyn restaurant and sang the words “I will come home to you”—words that just came to him in a brief moment of inspiration but would soon become the anthem of Lev Shlomo.

The song, “I Will” captures the universal human struggle to find a place of belonging, connection and purpose. And to get back to a relationship with Hashem, no matter what we’ve done or where we’ve been.

“It’s also about how we won’t ever give up on each other or leave another person behind. We’re bringing you with us on this road back home,” Pinny adds. “We may not be able to tell you where your home is—that’s something you have to figure out for yourself. But we’ll still be there with you through it all until we both get home safely together.”


The song is being released in honor of the #GotLev campaign to create a new home for the organization’s summer initiative.

Anyone can come home with the right support system.

Until Wednesday at 9PM, our community has the unique opportunity to partner in this journey, helping Lev Shlomo and local Jewish teens build a new space to expand summer programs and set down a strong foundation for future growth—both personally and collectively.

To join our teens in their journey home, please visit