ספירת העומר : 31 - היום אחד ושלשים יום שהם ארבעה שבועות ושלשה ימים לעומר
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Lawyers for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have asked the country’s Attorney General to postpone a pre-indictment hearing in three criminal corruption cases against the premier by at least a year, the Haaretz daily reported Tuesday. Attorney General Avichai Mendelblit had previously said that the hearing must be held by July 10. But he is expected to agree to a hearing by the end of September, with the time allotted for a pre-indictment hearing in Netanyahu’s cases shorter than in past cases involving public figures. Netanyahu’s lawyers say that they need more ti...
Jason Greenblatt, the US Representative for International Negotiations, on Monday rejected reports claiming that the Trump administration’s peace plan for Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) would only be economic in nature. “To those falsely claiming our vision is just economic peace: we’ve been clear that the economic vision we present can’t exist without the political component, and the political component can’t succeed without the economic. Don’t believe rumors the plan is only economic. It’s not,” he wrote on Twitter. Senior White House officials said on Sunday that the Trump administration is planning to release the economic component of its upcoming Middle East peace plan in late June, adding that it would break up the release ...
New Zealand Police on Tuesday said the man accused of shooting dead 51 Muslim worshipers at two Christchurch mosques will be charged with terrorism, the first time in the nation’s history such a charge has been filed. The charge marks the first time New Zealand has invoked such facet of the terror suppression legislation adopted in 2002 following the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. In addition to the terror charge, Tarrant now faces 51 charges of murder and 40 of attempted murder over the March 15 attacks in the South Island city. Read more at i24NEWS.
A funeral 2,000 years in the making: Human remains from an ancient burial tomb near Jericho’s Hasmonean Palace were found scattered and desecrated – the work of local Arab graverobbers. Today, the remains were given a Jewish re-burial in the Kfar Adumim cemetery. Hundreds participated today (Tuesday) in an unusual funeral at the Kfar Adumim cemetery: A final resting place was arranged for human remains that had been desecrated and scattered near the looted burial tombs of the Hasmonean Palace in Jericho. The Second Temple-era burial caves on the outskirts of Jericho, which until recently had been the resting place for Jewish residents of the palace, were looted by Arab grave-robbers. Several days before Passover, “Preserving the Eternal” volunteers hiking near the...
An 8-day-old boy was injured in a car accident on his way home from his own Brit Milah ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.  The incident took place when a bus and two private cars collided on Golda Meir Boulevard in Jerusalem. United Hatzalah volunteer paramedics and EMTs who were in the vicinity rushed to the call to treat the injured and discovered that among them was an 8-day-old baby who was returning from his Brit Milah ceremony. The baby was lightly injured as were two other women involved in the accident.  United Hatzalah volunteer EMT and ambulance driver Nissim Yazdi, who was one of the first responders at the scene said: "when I arrived at the scene together with other volunteers from United Hatzalah, we were told that the family was on their way home from celebrating the...
Baltimore, MD - May 21, 2019 - Last night a gathering was held in Beazer to raise awareness about Menucha- a fixture in our community for children with special needs and their families. A packed room of people filled the home of Eli and Rikki Klein to learn what it means to raise a child with special needs and how Menucha eases that task. Rabbi Aryeh Richter, director of Menucha welcomed the crowd and introduced a parent to share a few personal thoughts which segued into an informative video presentation, filled with testimonials from parents, participants and volunteers of Menucha. Rabbi Richter remarked "I am touched by the fact that so many people took the time to attend and support the work Menucha". To take part in the amazing work of Menucha and help children with special needs, pl...
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1) A Jewish Slave Two thoughts for Parshas Behar, and they’re both related.  We have in perek 25, pasuk 39 the idea of a Jewish slave. This is a very hard concept to understand, certainly since the Civil War and many have tried to reconcile the Torah’s view of slavery. But, certainly, what’s even more difficult is the understanding of a Jewish slave, and, of course, there isn’t such a thing nowadays and there shouldn’t be based on our understanding of “Diracheha darchei noam.”  But, the laws of the Torah still remain and the lessons are certainly there. A person should only become a slave if absolutely necessary So, the pasuk say, “V’chi yamuch achicha imach v’nimkar lach”. When your brother becomes destitute an...
Despite recent attempts by the government to change the housing situation, the housing market in Israel is still in crisis, and if far-reaching changes are not implemented immediately, the crisis will turn into a socio-economic disaster in the years to come, Israel Builders Association president Raul Srugo warned at the association’s annual conference, which took place over the weekend in Eilat. Srugo told the conference that the government must “stop pulling the wool over the public’s eyes.” “There is a shortage of apartments here, much greater than the 146,000 households that have registered for the Mehir Lemishtaken [“Move-in Price” subsidized housing program for first-time buyers] lotteries. For years, we have been building fewer than 50,000 ...
Birth rates in the United States have continued to drop for the fourth straight year, even reaching their lowest figures in 32 years in 2018. In a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of new babies born in the country last year was at about 3.7 million. This is 2 percent lower compared to birth rates recorded in 2017. Population experts say the development comes as a surprise seeing how the U.S. job market and the economy, in general, has considerably grown over the past few years. They expected birth rates in the country to stabilize or even rise as a result. Demographers are calling the negative trend in U.S. birth rates a national problem. Read more at Tech Times.
Parsha Hashavua
Parshas Behar: Slave Lessons

1) A Jewish Slave

Two thoughts for Parshas Behar, and they’re both related.  We have in perek 25, pasuk 39 the idea of a Jewish slave. This is a very hard concept to understand, certainly since the Civil War and many have tried to reconcile the Torah’s view of slavery. But, certainly, what’s even more difficult is the understanding of a Jewish slave, and, of course, there isn’t such a thing nowadays and there shouldn’t be based on our understanding of “Diracheha darchei noam.”  But, the laws of the Torah still remain and the lessons are certainly there.

A person should only become a slave if absolutely necessary

So, the pasuk say, “V’chi yamuch achicha imach v’nimkar lach”. When your brother becomes destitute and he has to sell himself, and the gemara darshens that a person is not allowed to sell himself as a slave for no reason.  It’s only because usually he stole money and doesn’t have enough money to pay back and he’s just broke, so he sells himself into a temporary servitude, and we know from Parsha Mishpatim there’s laws about an eved ivri that he really is supposed to try to free himself as fast as possible and it’s a very negative thing if he stays in that slavery mentality which is what the piercing of the ear is all about if he decides he doesn’t want to leave.

A Jewish slave must be treated properly “achicha”

But, suffice it to say, the Gra brings down, and it’s based on Chazal, that it’s a very interesting thing. The pasuk says, “V’chi yamuch achicha imach.”  Your brother.  He’s still called your brother, but yet, the pasuk says, “v’nimkar lach”.  He sells himself to you.  “Lo saavod b’avodas eved.”  Don’t treat him with servitude.  So, we know that we have to treat him properly, and even Chazal say even for an eved Canani, a non-Jewish slave, one who buys an eved is really like he has purchased a master for himself because we need to treat our slaves with respect which is certainly very different then the eighteen hundreds and the civil war era of slaves that were not treated properly for the most part.  And, certainly in today’s world, whatever slavery still exists in certain places of the world there is not a treatment of the human as a person which is a big problem. 

Suffice it to say, when we look at this pasuk, the Gra brings down this drasha based on Chazal which is very fascinating, but it’s an interesting one, and that is that the Torah still calls him “achicha”, he’s still your brother, and your responsibility is even if you bought him legally and he’s your slave, but you still have a responsibility to treat him like a mentch.  You still have to treat him like he’s your brother, and that’s your responsibility.

The eved ivri, must act as an eved

However, the slave is not supposed to take advantage of this in the sense that of course he appreciates being treated like a human being,but he’s not supposed to manipulate you and not act according to what his expectations are, and so, therefore, that’s why the pasuk says: You can’t treat him like avodas eved.  However, he has to treat himself as if he is an eved, and whatever the responsibilities of an eved are.  Maybe they are determined by the time and by the society.  And, so, therefore, it’s a fascinating thing that there’s a responsibility that you have, how you should act towards the person, and there’s the responsibility that the slave has, how he acts towards you.

Proper Chavrusah

I’ve heard this with different people where Reuven asked his rebbe or the Rosh Yeshiva who he should learn with as a chavrusa, and he was told that he should learn with Shimon because Shimon is a tremendous talmid chacham; it’s going to be a challenging and growth oriented learning. But then Reuven came back a few hours later and said:  But, rebbe, I don’t understand.  I asked Shimon if he could learn with me, and he said: No because you told him that I’m not a good chavrusa for him. 

The rebbe explained that it’s not a contradiction.  I think for you it is a good match and if you could get him and convince him to learn with you and push yourself it would be very successful, but when he asked me for my advice, based on me knowing him and his needs, I don’t know that it is a good match.  Well then, he asked: Why did you recommend it?  So, he said: Every person has to do what their responsibility is.  There is still a possibility that he could learn with you, but you would have to push yourself, and as I explained to him, it might not be the most optimal situation because of the challenges of dynamics, however, it could work also.  

I personally heard this story from someone that this actually happened to.  He said that at the end they did end up learning together, and it was very bumpy at first, but they did end up working it out. But, the advice that the Rosh Yeshiva gave was actually very accurate because when you give advice each person has what’s good for them and what’s not good for them.  And, it’s the same thing with an eved: that each person has their responsibility: as the master you have a responsibility to treat him respectfully, but as a slave he has the responsibility to fulfill his obligations properly.  So, that is one p’shat from the Gra.

2) A Slave that Acts Improperly

There’s another pasuk, a little further on, which, again, is talking about this idea of slavery.  Perek 25, pasuk 46, and the pasuk says, and it’s a very interesting pasuk because you’ll see that it’s kind of read two ways “V’hisnachalten osam livneichem achareichem lareshes achuza”.  So, the pasuk says, “l’olam vahem ta’avodu”.  You could keep the slave and have him work for you, for as long as you want. And, then, seemingly, there’s a comma there, and then, “u’v’acheichem Bnei Yisrael”, however, when it comes to your brother, the Jewish people, “ish b’achiv”, when it comes to you related to your brother once again, “lo sirdofo b’farech”.  Don’t treat him with harsh labor.

Chazal actually darshen in Bava Metzia that it’s actually not fully true because if this Jewish slave acts without proper middos, then you are allowed to give him backbreaking labor which is pushing him beyond what would be the norm, even if he’s a Jewish slave, and, especially, if he’s not acting appropriately, the seeming rational that I understand is because if someone is wasting his time and not acting appropriately, then he should be given servitude so that he can use his time productively,

Kabalas ol Torah

Chazal say that someone that is mekabeil ol Torah, the famous Chazal in Meseches Derech Eretz Rabba and mentioned in Avos and other sources in brief.  In Avos d’Rabbi Nosson the full length is if someone is mekabeil ol Torah they remove from him the ol of malchus and fear and all types of negative things are removed from him.  Why?  Because the p’shat is that if he’s mekabeil the Torah he’s fulfilling his purpose and he’s using his time wisely, but if he’s not then Hashem says: If you’re wasting your time, then I’m going to occupy you with other things to keep you out of trouble.  That’s our job to keep out of trouble, like the Chovos Halevavos says the two reasons for hishtadlus: One of them is so that we don’t kick Hashem.  The other one is to keep us busy that we should be productive.  Therefore, if a person has full emunah in Hashem and keeps himself productive with Torah, then his hishtaduls chiyuvim are very different. Ayein Sham.

Trop Breaks the Verse

Zugt the Gra: If a person acts inappropriate, then you can punish him with harsh work, but if he acts like an appropriate Jew, then you should give him regular slave labor and, of course, he should be able to live his life without stressers.  Gra explains, based on the trop, and we explain this very often, that on this pasuk, the word, “u’v’acheichem” regarding your brother, there are two trops on it.  There’s a mapach, which is underneath, and there’s a geresh which is above.  So, what does that mean?

Gra says that you read the pasuk in two ways. You read, “L’olam bahem ta’avodu u’v’acheichem”. It means you could treat them harshly, u’v’acheichem, and also to your brother. When he acts lowly, downward, when he acts like a negative person, which is the geresh. He’s divorced from Judaism, from acting appropriate, then, “l’olam bahem ta’avodu”.  In that case, you’re allowed to work him harshly. However, when he acts appropriately, the mapach, he turns himself around and he acts appropriately, which is the trop which is on top, so he acts appropriate and high like a proper Jew is supposed to act, then you read it, “u’v’acheichem Bnei Yisrael lo sa’avodu b’farech”.  Then, you read it together: Your brother, the Jew, you should not treat him with harsh labor.  That is the Vilna Gaon.  Beautiful, beautiful p’shat.


Rabbi Yosef Tropper is a rabbi and psychotherapist. Subscribe at ParshaThemes.com

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