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Gilo’s Torah community was enraged when city inspectors removed three Shabbos sirens from the roof of the shul of the neighborhood’s chief rabbi Rav Eliyohu Shlezinger, which have been there for years. In response to claims that speakers violated noise regulations, locals said that local secular Jews were to blame, since nothing was ever done about mosque loudspeakers in the neighboring Beit Tzefafa neighborhood which operate at far higher volumes in the small hours of the morning. Faced by a threat of Councilman Yaakov Halprin of UTJ that an upcoming council meeting wo...
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A brief conversation with BJLabout the Jewish community with Councilwoman Vicki Almond Q: Councilwoman Almond, with a large segment of your councilmanic district serving as the home to several thousand Jewish families, we thank you for your two terms of service in the County Council. In a few words what would you say are the most unique aspects of representing the Jewish community? A: First, thanks for this opportunity! To answer your question, I can’t tell you how many cherished relationships I have forged with the leaders and members of your community over the last eight years. Working with people like Rabbi Ariel Sadwin, the leaders of the Baltimore Jewish Council, Rabbi Neuberger, and other rabbis and heads of organizations, we have tackled issues ranging from stormwater manage...
It is with great sadness that reports the passing of R’ Reuven Chaim Biller z”l. He was 42 years old. As reported earlier, R’ Reuven Chaim was involved in an automobile accident this afternoon in the Catskill Mountains. The crash involved two vehicles, which collided on Harris Bushville Road in front of Harris Hospital/Catskill Regional Medical Center. R’ Reuven Chaim was initially trapped in his vehicle, requiring a lengthy extrication effort on the part of emergency personnel at the scene, and he was transported to the hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, he passed away a short while ago. R’ Reuven Chaim, a resident of Boro Park, Brooklyn, was a head counselor at Camp Pupa and a beloved friend of so many people. R...
NEW YORK (AP) — A newer kind of flu vaccine only worked a little bit better in seniors this past winter than traditional shots, the government reported Wednesday. Overall, flu vaccines barely worked at all in keeping people 65 and older out of the hospital, with roughly 24 percent effectiveness. The best performance was by a new shot called Flucelvax; it was about 26.5 percent effective in that age group. The difference wasn't as large as some had hoped. "The big problem is still the same — we need better vaccines. But these incremental improvements are very important," said Brendan Flannery, a flu expert at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The findings of the Food and Drug Administration study were presented in Atlanta Wednesday to a panel that advises ...
Researchers say existing mental health treatments for left-handed people could be doing more harm than good, Newsmax reports. A study conducted by Cornell University and published by in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, found the brain deals with emotions in left-handed people in an opposite way from right-handed people. And as a result, an electrical stimulation treatment for mental health that’s been used on both right-handed and left-handed patients since the 1970s could actually be harmful because it is based on research mostly carried out on right-handers. “If you give left-handers the standard treatment, you’re probably going to make them worse,” Professor Daniel Casasanto, an associate professor at Cornell who led the st...
FRANKFORT, Ky. (AP) — Republicans have taken over Kentucky's state government, electing majorities in the state House and Senate and a Republican governor for the first time ever. Now, Republicans say it is the first time in the state's history that Democratic voter registration has dropped below 50 percent. Is it? That's hard to say, but given Kentucky's political history, it is most likely true. Here is a look at what the Republican Party tweeted Monday, followed by a look at the numbers: THE REPUBLICAN PARTY: "For the first time in Kentucky history, the Democratic party has dropped below 50 percent registration! Thanks go to the hard work of our local county party to register new voters and change party registrations. Now on to victory in November...
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THE FOLLOWING IS VIA YWN An African American man collapsed on Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights on Wednesday afternoon, and an Orthodox Jewish man rushed to his aide.  He is a Lubavitcher Yeshiva student, reportedly here from Israel, and began performing CPR on the man. The man soon regains a pulse, and applause is heard from bystanders. Read more at YWN
Washington - Fair or not, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will probably always be the face of family separations at the U.S.-Mexico border. The brusque 46-year-old former Bush administration official this week became known as the Cabinet member who skewed the facts at a combative press conference in defense of President Donald Trump’s “zero-tolerance” policy, and who convened a “working dinner” at a Mexican restaurant while audio of hysterical Spanish-speaking children circulated on social media. On Wednesday, she helped Trump walk it back with a new executive order that would reverse the decision. She got praise from the president. But several congressional Democrats had already demanded her resignation, with one senator repeatedly accusing her...
New York - Hey Alexa, what’s my bank account balance? Big banks and financial companies have started to offer banking through virtual assistants — Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant — in a way that will allow customers to check their balances, pay bills and, in the near future, send money just with their voice. And with the rapid adoption of Zelle, a bank-to-bank transfer system, it soon could be possible to send money to friends or family instantly with voice commands. But the potential to do such sensitive tasks through a smart speaker raises security concerns. Virtual assistants and smart speakers are still relatively new technologies, and potentially susceptible to being exploited by cyber criminals. Regional banking giant U.S. B...
Toronto - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says marijuana will be legal nationwide on Oct. 17. Trudeau said in Parliament on Wednesday that the government is committed to better protecting Canada’s youth and hopes to draw money away from organized crime. The Senate gave final passage to Trudeau’s bill to legalize cannabis on Tuesday. The country will become the second in the world to make pot legal nationwide.
Parsha Hashavua
Parshas Chukas - Blind to the Blessings

Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein, the revered mashgiach and Ba’al Mussar was once riding in a cab and the Israeli driver related the following story:

“Rebbi, when my friends and I completed our army service, we decided to go on a world tour. We found ourselves in the jungles of Africa one night when suddenly one of my friends woke up screaming. a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck.  We tried as much as we could to pull the snake off, but with no success. He was turning blue; close to death.  We didn’t know what to do.  At that point, one of us shouted to him, ‘Yigal, you’re going to die, at least say Shema.’  Yigal started saying Shema.  As soon as he finished the first pasuk, the snake released himself and slithered away.”

The cab driver continued, “Rebbi, do you know that because of that incident my friend Yigal became a baal teshuva! Today, he is frum with a beautiful religious family. They keep kosher, his wife covers her hair and his kids all go to cheder.”

Rav Levenstein responded, “That’s amazing.” He paused for a minute and then suddenly asked, “and what about you?”

“Me?  Oh no,” said the cab driver, glancing away from the road. “It didn’t happen to me.  It happened to him.”

A man confronts a life-threatening experience.  He prays and, wonder of wonders, God hears his prayer and delivers him to safety.  The man, to his great credit, recognized the hand of God in his salvation and resolved to change his life.   But those who witnessed this miraculous event?  They acknowledge the event but not the miracle!  As a result, they are left not with lives transformed but merely a gripping story to be told during a random cab ride. 

After witnessing the miracles that freed them from Egypt, B’nai Yisrael quickly became acrimonious.  They whined and complained incessantly.  Their journey was too arduous.  Moshe was too bossy. And, oye, always something to say about the food!  It was not long after the Children of Israel had complained yet again about their desert “menu” that God sent snakes and serpents that bit and killed “multitudes from among them.” 

That got their attention. 

However, while the simple reading of the parasha suggests that God punished the Israelites by “sending” the snakes and serpents, Rabbi Yitzchok Alderstein in his comments on Parashat Chukas suggests that rather than punishing the Israelites, God was in fact simply withholding the gift He had been bestowing upon them all along.  He did not “send” the serpents so much as free them to do as their own natures dictated.

After all, as Rabbi Alderstein notes, God did not create hordes of snakes with the intent to bedevil Jewish targets.  Instead, He simply removed the restraints He had imposed upon them and allowed them the free rein to act as snakes could reasonably be expected to act and bite these clumsy and clamorous intruders!

The wilderness is filled with dangers, not least of which was the, “…snake, poisonous serpent, scorpion, and thirst where there was no water…”  That is, poisonous reptiles were as much a part of that landscape as water was lacking from that arid expanse.  God did not arrange for some special agents of death to do His bidding because of the Israelites foolish behavior. Those fatal instruments were already in place, naturally part of the scenery.

Which is precisely the point of this episode, according to Rabbi Alderstein. Without God’s merciful protection from the existing dangers, the Israelites could never have gotten to where they were. Too many would have succumbed to the dangers that made the wilderness inhospitable to people.  But, in their failure to cherish what God had done for them – and did for them continually – they “convinced” God to take back His gift. 

And then what did the people do?  They hurried to Moshe to plead for their lives.  Despite knowing their nature only too well, Moshe once again prayed on their behalf.  In response to his prayer, God gave him the following instruction, “Make yourself a fiery serpent and place it on a pole and it will be that anyone who is bitten will look at it and live.”

“Without His merciful protection, they could never have gotten to where they were...”.  

So blind to the gifts God graced them with!  The people were lost in their narcissistic bubble… until God “took His gift back.”  How easy it is to complain and ignore the blessings from the safety those very blessings confer upon us.

The wilderness of the Israelites was real.  However, just as the narrative of our emancipation from bondage describes an historical event, it is also an allegory for each of our lives.  Each Passover we remember that God took “you” out of Egypt.  Like the Israelites, we journey through the wilderness and its inherent dangers are held at bay not by our ability or our intelligence or our strength but by God’s grace and mercy.

Like the Israelites of old, we too are surrounded by “snakes and serpents”, by dangers and threats.  We are beset by dangers that threaten our hearts and our souls.  In the most comfortable home and community, the threat of addiction lurks.  Our dear children, driving so attentively in the safe, late-model cars we purchase for them, are not match for the drunken driver, or the brief diversion of a text. 

A nuclear power plant just north of New York City could cause untold death and destruction were it to fail.  Tankers carrying all manner of hazardous materials speed along our highways and suburban roadways, an errant driver away from flipping over and turning whole communities into “hot zones.”  A hurricane inundates major cities with water and waste.  An explosive eruption of volcanoes displaces thousands in Hawaii and causes many more to die in Guatemala. 

We, like the Israelites of old, tarry in the wilderness and, like them, are in danger not because God might “punish” us but because He might see fit to simply withhold His grace, allowing the dangers inherent in the world to run amok.

“Make yourself a fiery serpent and place it on a pole and it will be that anyone who is bitten will look at it and live.”  The Mishnah, in Rosh Hashanah, asks, “But does a serpent kill or restore life? What is the meaning of looking at the serpent?” A simple reading of God’s command could be misinterpreted as a suggestion of idolatry.  “Rather,” the Mishna responds, “when Israel gazed upward and subjugated their heart to their Father in Heaven, they were healed; but if not, they perished.” 

This explanation makes clear that it was not gazing upon the copper snake itself that provided protection for anyone bitten by snake or serpent.  Rather, it effectuated a spiritual repentance, reflection and introspection, “a subjugation of the heart.”

The Maharal teaches that looking at the copper snake high upon the pole accomplished two goals.  It caused the person to look heavenward, ensuring his realization that he was totally dependent only on God and, by viewing a representation of that which caused him harm and pain, his prayers would be more intense and focused. 

In his teaching, Maharal conveys an important lesson in prayer.  When engaged in tefilah, one must feel and clearly visualize that for which he is seeking God’s intervention.   It is not enough to simply utter the words.  He must feel the experience.

Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch goes even further than the Maharal.  In referring to God’s command, he argues that the point was not to look beyond the snake and into the heavens but rather to look directly at the snake and by doing so fully understand the wildness of the snake and the environment he found himself in.  By looking directly at the snake, he would understand exactly the dangers of the Midbar years and therefore provide the obvious answer to the question, “Who leads you through the great and awesome wilderness – of snake, fiery serpent and scorpion?”  (Devarim 8:15)

In other words, you are in the midst of constant danger and challenge.  It is only God’s benevolence and protection that keeps the scorpion and snake at bay.   

The generation of yotzei mitzrayim, whose voices were raised in a constant protest, needed to look at the high Nes – not “pole or banner”, but Nes meaning miracle.  God is saying to the Children of Israel, “Look at the miracle that surrounds you every minute of your long sojourn in the dessert!”

The serpent cannot kill or restore life.  That is for God alone. 

It is not enough to tell the story.  One must see what is essential in the experience.  The cure and protection from the snake is a nes, miracle.  It is God.

Our cabdriver would do well to see beyond the boa constrictor around his friend’s neck to realize we are all in the midbar unless we look beyond the danger to see God’s protection.  And like him, we all must realize that nothing “just happens”.  There are no random events, no coincidence.  No “dumb luck”.  All is directed from above.  All we need to do is look, think, reflect and try to understand

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New York - U.S. security officials will require more screening of powdered substances in carry-on bags on international flights headed to the United States starting June 30. A Transportation Security Administration spokesman said Wednesday that the change applies to more than 350 milliliters of powder, about the same as a soda can. Passengers carrying larger amounts of powders including food, ground coffee or cosmetics could have their bags opened and the powder subjected to a test for explosives. TSA says it already requires the extra screening before domestic flights. American Airlines is telling international passengers who have more than a soda-can amount of powder to put it in checked baggage, which undergoes more sophisticated scanning to detect explosives. TSA wants to expand CT ...
New York - New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio learned Wednesday that 239 migrant children separated from their parents by federal immigration officials are being cared for in Harlem. Speaking after a tour of the Cayuga Center, the Democratic mayor said that among the children was a 9-year-old boy from Honduras, named Edie, who had been sent 2,000 miles to the facility on a bus after being stopped trying to enter the U.S. at the southern border. The youngest of the children sent to the center so far was 9 months old, de Blasio said. He said he didn’t know until Wednesday morning that such large numbers of children taken from their parents were being brought to New York. The Cayuga Center, which has classrooms in a six-story building across the street from an elevated train line, ha...
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Washington - Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, a frequent critic of Republican President Donald Trump, intends to spend $80 million helping Democratic candidates in November’s U.S. congressional elections, the New York Times reported on Wednesday. The report said that Bloomberg, a political independent, has directed aides to spend the money in order to expel Republicans from power. They control the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. “I’ve never thought that the public is well-served when one party is entirely out of power, and I think the past year and half has been evidence of that,” Bloomberg said in a statement to Reuters, which did not confirm the dollar amount. Bloomberg has entrusted a former executive director of the Democratic C...
Washington - U.S. President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, White House Senior Adviser Jared Kushner, met on Wednesday with Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud about Israel and the Palestinian territories, as Kushner readies the administration’s Middle East peace plan. At the meeting, also attended by U.S. Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, they discussed strengthening ties between the United States and Saudi Arabia and providing humanitarian relief to Gaza, according to a statement from the White House. Kushner held a similar meeting on Tuesday with Jordan’s King Abdullah. Read more at Reuters
Nichum AveilimNichum Aveilim Aveilim
MOSCOW (AP) — The Latest on Wednesday at the World Cup (all times local): 11:46 p.m. The English Football Association has condemned a video purportedly showing fans at the World Cup performing Nazi salutes and singing anti-Semitic songs. The videos posted on Twitter and identified as being taken at a pub in Volgograd, where England played Tunisia on Monday, and were shared on social media by former England player Stan Collymore, now a broadcaster. The FA says "we strongly condemn the actions of the people in this video. We are working with the relevant authorities, including the UK Police investigations team, who are making enquiries to identify the individuals involved and take appropriate action." The governing body added that "the disgraceful conduct of the individuals in thi...
Rabbi Yechezkel Levenstein, the revered mashgiach and Ba’al Mussar was once riding in a cab and the Israeli driver related the following story: “Rebbi, when my friends and I completed our army service, we decided to go on a world tour. We found ourselves in the jungles of Africa one night when suddenly one of my friends woke up screaming. a boa constrictor wrapped around his neck.  We tried as much as we could to pull the snake off, but with no success. He was turning blue; close to death.  We didn’t know what to do.  At that point, one of us shouted to him, ‘Yigal, you’re going to die, at least say Shema.’  Yigal started saying Shema.  As soon as he finished the first pasuk, the snake released himself and slithered away.&rdquo...
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LONDON (AP) — U.K. prosecutors say an Islamic State adherent plotted a suicide bombing targeting British Prime Minister Theresa May at her Downing Street office in London. Authorities say Naa'imur Zakariyah Rahman, 20, thought he was just days away from carrying out the attack before his arrest last November. He was snared in a social media sting by an undercover operative for Britain's security services posing as an Islamic State official in Syria Prosecutor Mark Heywood told jurors at London's Central Criminal Court that Rahman intended to inflict violence "at the very heart of the United Kingdom government." Heywood says Rahman's objective was "a suicide attack, by blade and explosion, on Downing Street and, if he could, upon the Prime Minister Theresa May h...
THE FOLLOWING IS VIA YWN A serious MVA in the Catskills left one person with critical injuries on Wednesday afternoon. The crash was on the Harris-Bushville Road around 2:45PM – right in front of Catskill Regional Medical Center (Harris Hospital). It took more than 40 minutes to successfully extricate the driver from one vehicle – reportedly in critical condition. The driver from the second vehicle is in stable condition. Read more at YWN
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Washington - A former campaign manager for Donald Trump is doubling down on his dismissive comment regarding a girl with Down syndrome. Corey Lewandowski tweeted on Wednesday that he “mocked a liberal who attempted to politicize children” after he appeared Tuesday on Fox News Channel to discuss President Trump’s hard-line immigration policy. Trump’s policy has led to the practice of taking migrant children from parents charged with entering the country illegally. When another Fox panelist mentioned a story about the 10-year-old disabled girl being one of the children, Lewandowski responded with “Wah-wah.” Lewandowski says in his Wednesday tweet that “the MSM doesn’t want to talk about these policies were started under Obama.” The zero...
SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Facebook's Instagram service is loosening its restraints on video in an attempt to lure younger viewers away from YouTube when they're looking for something to watch on their smartphones. The expansion announced Wednesday, dubbed IGTV, will increase Instagram's video time limit from one minute to 10 minutes for most users. Accounts with large audiences will be able to go as long as an hour. Video will be available through Instagram or a new app called IGTV. The video will eventually give Facebook more opportunities to sell advertising. It's the latest instance in which Instagram has ripped a page from a rival's playbook in an effort to preserve its status as a cool place for young people to share and view content. In this case, Instagr...
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