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The Weisbord family would like to  sincerely thank everyone in the greater Baltimore community and beyond for the dedicated outpouring of love, care, concern and tfilos throughout Rebbetzin Aviva Weisbord's lengthy hospitalization and during the Shiva. This made a tremendous difference to us, her family, and almost certainly contributed to the miracles she experienced over the course of her illness. May Hashem bless each of you with health, happiness and much nachas for many years to come.Baltimore, MD - Jan. 20, 2021 - Virtual Azkara Event for Women: Shloshim of Rebbetzin Dr....
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Baltimore, MD - Jan. 22, 2021 -  Yeshivat Mekor Chaim would like to invite 8th graders with their parents to our open house. The event will be held at the Reitberger’s home at 3400 Gulley Road, Sunday, February 7th from 12:30-2:30. Please make sure to pre register for the event by emailing'
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Baltimore, Md - Jan. 20, 2021 - Tov Pizza is pleased to announce that as of this weekend, Baltimore City is permitting Tov Pizza to have in-door seating at 25 % of our capacity. Hours: Motzaei Shabbos: 7pm  to 10:00pm, Sunday - Thurs 11:30AM - 7:45PMPhone: 410-358-5238 order on-line Please follow rules of social distancing and wear a mask.
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In conjunction with our Anniversary, 7 Mile Market invites you to ENTER THE 2021 SHARE YOUR SEVEN MILE MARKET EXPERIENCE CONTEST! In 150 words or less, paragraph, poem, or song, share your 7 Mile Market experience in ONE of these categories: MOST HEARTWARMING • MOST HUMOROUS • MOST HASHGACHA PRATIS (DIVINE PROVIDENCE) Email entries to by Sunday, January 24, 2021, 11:59 PM All entries must be typed, indicate category in the email subject line, and include a full name, age, and phone number. By entering you agree to have your submission published if you are selected as a winner. One entry per person. Winners will receive a $100 7 Mile Market gift card!
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Baltimore, MD - Jan. 18, 2021 - Accu Reference Labs Serology (Antibody) Testing will be available next Sunday, Jan 24th from 12-4 at 122 Slade. Ave. Suite 101. By Appointment only. You must have a written and signed prescription or letter from your Dr in order to be tested. No walk-ins will be accepted. Click here to sign up .
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Baltimore, MD - Dec. 28, 2020 - Tehilim for Women every night as a zechus for a Refuah Shleimah  for Rabbi Sheftel Neuberger, Harav Sheftel Meir Ben Chaya Yehudis. Sunday -Thursday - 10 PM Friday morning- 9:00 AM Motzei Shabbos- 10 PMCall-In: 425-436-6391.  Access code: 6260369
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'No country has done what we are about to do,' Netanyahu says amid fears over coronavirus mutations In an unprecedented move, the Israeli government on Sunday approved a total shutdown of Ben Gurion Airport, starting midnight between Monday and Tuesday until January 31. “No country has done what we are about to do,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at the beginning of the coronavirus cabinet discussion. Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, deals, levayos, events & more Join BJL on WhatsApp Groups: Click here to Join an official BJL WhatsApp group for breaking news as it happens “We are closing Ben Gurion Airport today. In contrast to what people are saying, we are ahead of the entire ...
This week’s parsha includes one of the main sources for the prohibition of carrying on Shabbos (Shemos 16:29). I therefore decided to send the following article, the original of which I wrote almost thirty years ago, hence the footnoting style and other writing aspects are different from the way I currently write. Carrying Nitroglycerin on Shabbos The Torah's concern for the protection of life and health is axiomatic.  In virtually all instances, Torah restrictions are superseded when a life-threatening emergency exists. If the situation is extenuating, but not life-threatening, then the rule of thumb is that the Torah restriction remains in force. Sometimes, however, mitigating factors allow the overriding of a rabbinic injunction because of extenuating circumstances. A...
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Baltimore, MD - Jan. 18, 2021 - Bnai Jacob Shaarei Zion is more than just a shul. Our communal approach, educational opportunities, spiritual programming and multi-generational appeal are the four directions that allow us to truly serve as the Baltimore community’s compass. As a pillar of the Baltimore community, our goal has always been to stand as a resource for all. The official home to Maalot and WITS, BJSZ also continuously offers an expansive array of educational classes, lectures, programs and shiurim throughout the year. BJSZ is known as a center of learning, both academically and spiritually, for men and women, from Baltimore and beyond. We pride ourselves on our multi-generational approach, appealing to community members of all ages. It’s not uncommon to see families...
Baltimore, MD - Jan. 24, 2021 - BJL and The Bais Chaburah of Baltimore wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Dr. Chaim Kaplan and Sami Shmidt on their engagement. יה"ר שיזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל. אמן
Parsha Hashavua
Parshas Bo - The Final Showdown

We are certainly living through unusual times. The political turmoil the country has faced and is currently dealing with, leaves many worried and wondering how we will all fare under the new president and his policies. 

Dealing with leaders and governments is an ancient art and science. We have much precedent in our history to help us formulate a proper perspective and attitude. 

In the last showdown before the grand finale of the plague of the firstborn, the last conversation takes place between Moshe and Pharaoh.  

Pharaoh in his final refusal blurts out, “Go from me! Beware — do not see my face any more,for on the day you see my face you shall die!” 

Moshe, in what seems to be a mild-mannered response, says, כן דברת... — “You have spoken correctly; I shall never see your face again.” (שמות י כח-כט) 

Was Moshe acquiescing to his threat or perhaps there was an undertone of a cynical mocking at Pharaoh’s flexing his muscles?  

The Holy Ohr HaChaim interprets Moshe’s initial statement, כן דברת — You have spoken correctly, as a intended barb to Pharaoh, emphasizing that he is ‘all words’, but incapable of action, almost goading him to just try and ‘make his day’. After all, Pharaoh has no power to do as he pleases, for only G-d can empower man to act.  

Lesson # 1: Do not be deluded by political statements and proclamations, they are only words.  

In the second half of this dialogue, Moshe describes to Pharaoh how at midnight every firstborn in Egypt shall die. He foretells how ‘all these servants of yours will come down to me and bow to me’, begging us to leave. (שם יא ח רש"י) 

Rashi, quotes the Talmud and Midrash, that point out that Moshe was displaying respect for the crown, by omitting the fact that Pharaoh himself would come running in his ‘pajamas in the middle of the night’ as well, in pleading for them to go. 

Clearly, despite Pharaoh’s despicable character and history of murderous actions, he was given his due respect.  

The Maharsha asserts that ‘one who demeans a earthly king is assaulting our heavenly King’.(זבחים קב.)  

A king is an instrument in G-d’s hand. Whatever actions they take are tantamount to a directive from on high. They are not aware of this reality, deluding themselves into thinking they determine their own fate, but we know otherwise. It is for this reason we must respect their authority for in essence their actions are divinely directed. This does not call for us to venerate them personally, just to acknowledge their role in carrying out unwittingly the will of G-d. 

Rashi when explaining Moshe’s response to Pharaoh who told him he would never see him again, by saying ‘You have spoken correctly’, adds the words of the Mechilta, ‘You have spoken appropriately, and you have spoken at the right time. It is אמת — true that I shall no longer see your face.’  

Perhaps Rashi sought to enlighten us to note how Moshe hears the words of G-d that are transmitted through the agency of these mindless rulers, as they represent His אמת, His Truth, even while they proclaim edicts that are self-serving. 

Lesson # 2: It is an exercise in futility to vent in frustration at the puppets when in truth they are orchestrated from upon high. 

After Moshe exits the palace of Pharaoh for the very last time, the Torah reports he left בחרי אף — in great anger. Rashi adds that he was reacting to Pharaoh having said to him, אל תוסףYou shall no longer see my face. 

Was Moshe personally ‘offended’ by Pharaoh? What about all the numerous times he was shunned by Pharaoh’s insolence without any reaction on his part? 

The Baal HaTurim cites an interesting parallel and makes an astonishing assertion. There is one other time in Torah where these two precise words appear again.  

When Moshe makes one last appeal to repeal the decree that he shall not enter the holy land, G-d says, אל תוסףDo not continue to speak to me regarding this matter. (דברים ג כו)  

He alleges that it was due to Pharaoh’s ‘curse’ of אל תוסף, that Moshe suffered the decree of אל תוסף. 

Perhaps Moshe’s frustrated anger was directed at his own inability to penetrate the heart of Pharaoh in influencing him to release them willingly. When Pharaoh was incapable of hearing Moshe anymore, Moshe felt in was due to a deficiency in his own diplomatic skills to represent the pure will of G-d that should have been so compelling to capture even the hardened heart of Pharaoh. Moshe’s failure to respond effectively to the nation’s complaint of their lacking water, hitting the rock instead of speaking to it and thereby sanctify G-d’s name more properly, echoed his previous failure to rise to the challenge to be more effective. 

Moshe felt that were he to live up to being a true ambassador of G-d, it would impact even the worst rulers to respond in kind. 

Lesson # 3: If we rise to G-d’s expectations from us, no doubt the positive influence that would have upon those who govern us, would be to our benefit and never to our detriment. Perhaps we may take the literary license in reversing an old Yiddish adage, by stating, Azoi vi s’yiddelt zich, azoi christlet zich, as the Yid behaves, so does the non-Jew. 

May we all come to our senses in finally realizing that our future is solely in our hands. Let us not be seduced by delusional conspiracies nor unwarranted fears.  

May we put our faith in the only One that determines our fate. 


צבי יהודה טייכמאן 

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) said he spoke with Rep. Marjorie Greene (R-Ga.) about her efforts to move impeachment articles against newly-inaugurated President Biden. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, McCarthy said he disagreed with the first-term lawmaker’s efforts to oust Biden, but that she has a right to pursue impeachment. Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, deals, levayos, events & more Join BJL on WhatsApp Groups: Click here to Join an official BJL WhatsApp group for breaking news as it happens “I called her. I disagree with that. That’s exactly what the Democrats did with President Trump, and why we disagreed with when they wanted to come after him for purely po...
Baltimore, MD - Jan. 21, 2021 - In honor of Tu B’shvat, STAR-K is pleased to present our updated GUIDE TO CHECKING FRUITS commonly eaten on this day. Please note that we have updated our guidelines for blueberries. We now recommend that they be washed in soapy water, similar to strawberries. Refer to the guide for additional instructions. For questions, please call 410-484-4110 or email Click on the graphic below for a larger, printable copy. Click here for our full bug checking guide
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Democrats plan to move quickly on one of the first bills of the new Congress, citing the need for federal election standards and other reforms to shore up the foundations of American democracy after a tumultuous post-election period and deadly riot at the Capitol. States have long had disparate and contradictory rules for running elections. But the 2020 election, which featured pandemic-related changes to ease voting and then a flood of lawsuits by former President Donald Trump and his allies, underscored the differences from state to state: Mail-in ballots due on Election Day or just postmarked by then? Absentee voting allowed for all or just voters with an excuse? Same-day or advance-only registration? Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, ...
A police officer in Washington state has been temporarily placed on leave after his patrol vehicle plowed through a crowd of pedestrians late Saturday, The Tacoma News-Tribune reports. In footage provided to the newspaper by an eyewitness, the patrol vehicle can be seen approaching a group of pedestrians that had reportedly gathered at a downtown Tacoma intersection to watch a street race. Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, deals, levayos, events & more Join BJL on WhatsApp Groups: Click here to Join an official BJL WhatsApp group for breaking news as it happens As the vehicle moved closer into the intersection, more people could be seen walking toward the front of it. The vehicle could then be seen backing away...
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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) attracted attention last week when he said in a floor speech that former President Donald Trump “bears responsibility” for the deadly Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. But since then, he has seemed to walk back his criticism. On Thursday, he told reporters that he didn’t actually believe Trump had “provoked” the mob of his supporters. In an interview airing Sunday on Gray Television’s “Full Court Press With Greta Van Susteren,” McCarthy insisted he wasn’t changing his tune. “No, I have not changed in that,” he said. Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, deals, levayos, events & more Join BJL on Wha...
The Arizona Republican Party, in an anticipated move Saturday, approved resolutions censuring Gov. Doug Ducey (R), former GOP Sen. Jeff Flake and Cindy McCain, the widow of the late Arizona Sen. John McCain (R). The public rebukes, which are largely symbolic, came after both McCain and Flake endorsed President Biden in the 2020 election. The party cited Ducey’s coronavirus restrictions as the reason behind his censure. The Arizona Republic reported that the resolution to condemn Ducey argued his emergency safety rules “restrict personal liberties and force compliance to unconstitutional edicts.” Meanwhile, the party at its statewide meeting Saturday argued that McCain “has supported globalist policies and candidat...
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Israel’s government has approved extreme measures aimed at limiting the spread of Covid 19. At midnight January 26 (between Monday and Tuesday), all foreign airlines will be barred from landing in Israel. Passengers will only be permitted to depart Israel for bona fide emergencies, after receiving special permission. Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, deals, levayos, events & more Join BJL on WhatsApp Groups: Click here to Join an official BJL WhatsApp group for breaking news as it happens Aircraft which are in the air at the time that the rule takes effect will be allowed to land. Most foreign airlines are already cancelling their flights. United Airlines has informed Chaim V’Chessed that their last flights to Israel ...
Baltimore, MD – Jan. 20, 2021 - It is with regret that informs the community of the petira of  Dr. Meir Tamari , z’l, father of Mrs. Sara Beck. Shiva is being observed at 2911 West Strathmore, Baltimore, MD, 21209, through Tuesday morning, Jan. 26 Bila HaMaves LaNetzach…
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Baltimore, MD – Jan. 23, 2021 - It is with regret that informs the community of the petira of Mrs. Rose Weiss, a'h, mother of Chaim Weiss. Shiva will be observed at 3316 Smith Avenue (2 houses from Seven Mile Lane - Backyard-depending on weather), Baltimore, MD, 21208. Masks and social distancing Minyanim - Shacharis: Sunday - Thursday 8:00am, Mincha/Maariv: Sunday - Wednesday 5:05.  Shiva hours: Sun-Wed - after Shacharis until 10:00am, 4:00pm until mincha, and 8:00pm-9:00pm. Feel free to call at 410-358-1847. Bila HaMaves LaNetzach…
Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday that New York’s COVID-19 vaccine stockpile was so low it “may already be exhausted” and Mayor Bill de Blasio pleaded with President Biden for more shots — but the White House basically told them, “We’ll get back to you.” And with doses running dry, desperate New Yorkers were left with little to do but wait until an estimated three-day supply begins trickling in on Tuesday. Join BJL on WhatsApp Status: Click here to Join BJL status for engagements, births, deals, levayos, events & more Join BJL on WhatsApp Groups: Click here to Join an official BJL WhatsApp group for breaking news as it happens During an afternoon news conference, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki deflected sev...
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