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Former Ambassador and former Knesset member Dr. Michael Oren, spoke to Israel National News - Arutz Sheva, about the latest development in US-Israel relations, mainly the apparent decision to impose sanctions on the Netzach Yehuda Battalion. “It’s true. If there is an intention to sanction any unit of the Israeli Army, it's totally unacceptable. It's a violation of our sovereignty. It's a slap in the face of the IDF. It's also a very dangerous precedent because what begins with Netzach Yehuda, could end tomorrow with Golani or the Paratroopers, where young...
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Pesach Zmanim 5784/2024 - Click on the graphic below for a larger, printable version
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Baltimore, MD - Apr. 17, 2024  - Join the community in a new incentive to disconnect from digital life and reconnect with... life! Commit to limit your screen time during Sefiras HaOmer, the special time of growth between Pesach and Shavuos, and win great prizes! See below for details. To sponsor any part of this initiative, reach out to us at or call 410-449-1824
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Baltimore, MD - Apr. 2, 2024  - Chesed Fund & Project Ezra Annual Community-Wide Baltimore Chometz Burning 5784/2024  For a larger, printable copy, click on the graphics below
The Chairman of the National Unity Party, Minister Benny Gantz, spoke on Sunday with United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Gantz expressed his concern to Blinken regarding the apparent decision to impose sanctions on the IDF's Netzach Yehuda Battalion. Gantz warned the Secretary of State that the apparent decision to impose sanctions on the battalion would be a "double mistake: it will hurt Israel's legitimacy during the war, and it has no justification since Israel has a strong and independent judicial system, and all IDF units are subject to the IDF orders, which comply with international law. Gantz asked Blinken to reconsider the matter," a message from the minister's office stated. Gantz's office further stated that the minister noted to Blinken that t...
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Orthodox Union Lay Leadership Mission to Israel Highlights OU’s Critical Impact Nationwide Since the horrific atrocities of October 7, OU Israel has served as a leading source of physical, emotional, and spiritual chizuk for thousands of traumatized Israelis of all ages. From citizens who have tragically lost loved ones, to evacuees forced to flee their homes, to families with members in Tzahal, to olim experiencing war for the first time, to youth from underprivileged towns in Israel’s periphery, OU Israel is unwavering in its commitment to provide front line care to all of these populations and more. In solidarity with the State of Israel, its citizens, and OU Israel leadership and staff, 21 Orthodox Union board members recently participated in a four-day lay leadership mis...
Baltimore, MD – Apr. 21, 2024 - The Star-K kashering team was hard at work kashering the Bikur Cholim rooms at King David, GBMC, John Hopkins and Sinai Hospital.
The Orthodox rabbi at Columbia University and Barnard College sent a message recommending Jewish students leave campus and go home, as anti-Israel agitators who have continued an "encampment" on campus with participants caught on camera espousing full-on support for terrorism and supporting violence towards Jewish students. In a WhatsApp message sent to hundreds before the start of Passover, Rabbi Elie Buechler, director of OU-LJIC at Columbia/Barnard, told students to leave "as soon as possible" until the situation improves, noting that "what we are witnessing in and around campus is terrible and tragic." "The events of the last few days, especially last night, have made it clear that Columbia University’s Public Safety and the NYPD cannot guarantee Jewish students’ safety i...
Baltimore, MD – Apr. 21, 2024 - It is with regret that Baltimore Jewish Life (BJL) informs the community of the petira of Arnold Abelow, z’l, father of Aviva (Chaim) Wealcatch . The levaya will take place graveside today, Sunday, April 21 at 2:00 pm at the Baker Street Cemetery in Brighton, MA. Mrs. Wealcatch will be sitting shiva tonight and tomorrow morning (through Shacharis) at 32 James Street, Brookline, MA and can be reached at 443-829-0936 Bila Hamaves LaNetzach...  
Parsha Hashavua
Rabbi Zvi Teichman - Metzora/Shabbos Hagadol 5784 - Let's Talk

Part of the purification process for one stricken with tzara'as — leprosy, is the bringing of two birds. The selection of birds to serve as atonement for this leper having succumbed to the sin of slander, is to remind us that it all starts with theפטפוטי דברים — purposeless 'chatter', like birds who twitter constantly with chirping sounds.

The coincidence of Shabbos HaGadol with the weekly portion that addresses the rectification of derogatory speech, draws us to a mystical teaching of the Holy Arizal regarding the deeper meaning of the name of the holiday of פסח — Pesach.

He writes that this word which is usually associated with its meaning to 'skip over', alluding to how on the night of the Plague of the Firstborn, G-d skipped over the houses of His children who painted their doorposts and lintels with the blood of their Paschal lambs, has an additional connotation.

The word פסח is a contraction of two words, פה סח — the mouth talks.

On the simplest level it reflects on the nature of the primary obligation of this holiday — to retell the story of the exodus to our children. The many other mitzvos — eating Matzah, Marror, and the Paschal lamb when the Temple stood, are intended to prod the discussion that brings us back to that historic moment with all its details and symbolism, and the mission to recall and implement the message behind it all. That message being G-d's total mastery over the world and His commitment to the children of Avraham, Yitzchok, and Yaakov.

But the Arizal tells us there is much more to it than the fact this command in particular calls for much talk. He mentions the notion of דיבור — speech, having been in גלות — exile, finding redemption with their newfound discovery of a unique ability to communicate.

The great Rosh HaYeshiva and profound thinker, Rav Yitzchok Hutner, points out that the word פלא which means wonders, also means to 'express words', as when the Torah talks about taking a vow it describes his verbalization as a man כי יפליא.

Just as when man observes the נפלאות — wondrous ways of G-d's intervention in nature, as in the splitting of the sea, where the Torah states His having עושה פלא — performed wonders, manipulating the physical world to execute  G-d's wondrous miracles, so too when man exercises his soul infused intellect, prodding him to utilize man's unique talent of verbal expression to fuse the power of his spiritual soul with his physical body in producing 'words' and meaningful speech, is equally described as a פלא — wonder.

It was after being enlightened by all the נפלאות — miracles of G-d that led to the exodus, culminating with the splitting of the sea, with our singing Az Yashir, that we also were redeemed from our former 'silence' in now devoting our very essence in 'expressing' wondrously G-d's praise, that we redeemed 'speech' from its exile.

But what leaves us wondering is the specific term of used in describing our unique quality of פה סח — literally a mouth that 'converses'.

שיחה — Sicha seems to emphasize a conversation, almost something casual and intimate.  In what way does this relate to the formal obligation to intentionally find the accurate words in expressing properly the story of the exodus?

To uncover the deeper meaning within this teaching of the holy Arizal please join me this Shabbos afternoon at the Shabbos HaGadol Derasha at the Ohel.

Hope to see you.


צבי יהודה טייכמאן

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Four years ago, in March 2020, when Covid-19 was widespread, I asked the boys in my class to share Divrei Torah with their grandparents, many of whom would be lonely that year for the seder. One boy shared a moving Dvar Torah written as a letter to his grandparents: Dearest Zaidy and Bubby, I am saddened by the thought that we won’t be able to have the Seder together, but I want you to read this D’var Torah and feel that we are together in spirit. At one point in the Haggadah, we say Baruch HaMakom. Why do we say HaMakom? This lashon is usually used during sad events. ‘HaMakom Yenachem Eschem’ for mourners, ‘HaMakom Yerachem Alahem’ for those trapped in a foreign land, and ‘HaMakom Y’malae Chesronuch’ for those who lose money. So, wh...
Rabbi Yaakov Robinson is a Talmid of Ner Yisroel and the Rav of Beis Medrash Mikor Hachaim in Chicago and the Menahel of the Midwest Agudas Yisroel Vaad Harabbanim. Click on the graphic below for a larger, printable version
SimchasSimchas Simcha
Baltimore, MD – Apr. 21, 2024 -  BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Dovi Stern & Yaffa Caine  on their engagement. Mazel Tov Jonathan & Chana Esther Stern and Rocky & Bracha Caine  and grandparents Hal & Vicki Caine. יה"ר שיזכו לבנות בית נאמן בישראל. אמן!
Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 21, 2024  - At the Kotel, preparations are underway for Pesach, culminating in the traditional Birkat Kohanim, with the participation of thousands. During this event, all will join together in prayer for the return of the hostages, for the well-being of the IDF soldiers and security forces, for the healing of the wounded, and for peace for the people of Israel.Birkat Kohanim will take place on Thursday, 17th of Nisan, April 25, 2024, with the participation of Israel's chief rabbis, the rabbi of the Western Wall and holy sites, and masses of the Jewish people.Watch here:- 8:45 AM - Shacharit Morning Prayer- 9:15 AM - First Birkat Kohanim of Shacharit- 10:15 AM - Musaf Prayer- 10:30 AM - Second Birkat Kohanim of Musaf- 10:45 AM - Prayer for the return of ho...
Nichum AveilimNichum Aveilim Aveilim
Jerusalem, Israel - Apr. 21, 2024  - When your child, grandchild, husband, sister, brother, or any loved one is in harm’s way your entire being is laced with anxiety. Noah and Ellen Lightman arrived in Israel last week to spend Pesach with their daughter Tammy and family. They knew not when they might see their grandson Netanel because he is serving in Tzanchanim Division of the IDF. The day after they arrived there was a knock at the door. Netanel!! Last minute, he was allowed off duty for a few days. After getting over the shock and awe of seeing him, a feeling of relief and freedom from anxiety overcame them, if but for a few days. May Hashem grant this freedom to all who have loved ones who are risking their lives daily for Am Yisrael and to the beleaguered families of t...
Baltimore, MD - Tues., Apr. 16, 2024: Hagalas Keilim 5784/2024  Shearith Israel: Sunday, April 21, 9:00AM-1:00PM.
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Baltimore, MD – Apr. 21, 2024  -  BJL wishes a hearty Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Avi Lencz on the birth of a daughter. Mazel Tov grandparents Mr. and Mrs. Nachman Lencz    
Baltimore, MD - Apr. 21, 2024 - Thank You to Baltimore City DPW,DOT,BPD,BFD, Councilman Yitzy Schleifer & Frank Storch and the Chesed Fund
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Baltimore, MD - Apr. 20, 2024 - With MD's Primary Election Day only a few weeks away, efforts to bolster our community's voting footprint continue to expand. With so many bochurim home for Pesach, a great opportunity to register them to vote was met beginning last week at Mercaz Torah u'Tefillah (Rav Eichenstein). The first ever "voter registration kiosk" was set up by Agudah Maryland together with Computer Cure, MD. The kiosk will be available thru erev Pesach in the shul lobby, the day before voter registration ends across the state. In addition to registering to vote, those who will not be in Maryland during the week of Early Voting (May 2-9) or on Primary Election Day (May 15), may fill out an application for a mail-in-ballot at the kiosk.
Baltimore City Mayor Brandon Scott shared his disappointment Tuesday that too much public money has gone to arts organizations that "just happen to be White-ran." The comment came during the announcement of a $3.6 million "Diversity in Arts" grant funded by COVID-19 relief dollars. Capital grant recipients include the The National Great Blacks In Wax Museum on North Avenue and the Reginald F. Lewis Museum.
For too long, public dollars have simply just gone to the big names and the big players in town," Mayor Scott said. "And dare I say, I know my staff is going to hate this, the big names and big players in town that just happen to be White-ran organizations in Baltimore."
The mayor went on the thank President Biden and Maryland's congressional delegation f...
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