After the Teachers ‘Association and the Ministry of Finance have not been able to reach an understanding regarding the teachers’ new salary conditions, a strike was held on Sunday, 23 Cheshvan in public high schools. So, who is striking, and what will happen tomorrow?

After the Teachers ‘Association and the Ministry of Finance failed to arrive at understandings regarding the teachers’ new salary conditions, a strike is being observed in all the high schools throughout the country Sunday. It should be noted that the Education Ministry wanted to clarify that the strike does not include junior high schools. In addition, special education schools are learning as usual and pre-planned trips will also take place.

What will happen tomorrow?

At present this remains unclear, but it is possible the strike will continue for a second day, depending on progress, if any, between the sides.

“As we announced, there will be a strike in high schools around the country, and in accordance with the results of today’s meeting, we will decide on the next steps,” Ran Erez told Ynet. “I am not optimistic, because on Wednesday the Finance Ministry refused all our requests. Why should they agree? Perhaps the strike will put pressure on them. We will meet today because I really want to give a solution.”

According to Erez, the Ministry of Finance opposes the addition of teachers’ salaries, “even though the Ministry of Education, a local government center and the parents support our demands, but the owner of the money is the one who has the opinion they are not ready … I hope that Education Minister Naftali Bennett will finally voice his voice for at present, at meetings, his director-general of his ministry is handling matters.”

Erez rejects allegations that the students are the ones paying for the strike, which is all about more money for teachers. “It is not a fair claim. In a few more years, these youngsters will be working themselves and they will expect a fair wage. Perhaps, today they still do not understand but as parents who they fight for what they feel they are entitled to.