Five chareidi paratroopers last week conducted their first skydive after completing their skydiving course at the Tel Nof IDF base. The chareidi soldiers recruited in the second recruiting cycle of the chareidi HETZ (“Haredi Paratroopers”) Company in the 202 Battalion of the Paratroopers’ Brigade. They missed the skydiving course their colleagues underwent in July and completed the course last week.

The number of chareidi soldiers who joined the HETZ company in the Paratroopers brigade has been rising since its establishment. Last August, 41 chareidi soldiers joined the Company, compared with 35 in the previous recruiting cycle. The current cycle has been the third recruiting cycle since the establishment of the company, which continues its tradition of integrating chareidi soldiers in combat roles.

The rabbis of the Nachal Chareidi Organization, who have been accompanying the chareidi Paratroopers’ company since its establishment said that even though the group this week is relatively small, the course complied with all requirements of the chareidi soldiers, including separation of men and women, kosher mehadrin food and many other needs towards permitting them to serve without compromising their lifestyle.