The IDF has embarked on a major training exercise simulating war with Hizbullah, a scenario which can easily become reality in a moment. The mock war is called Ohr HaDagan, or “Light of the Grain”.

Tens of thousands of soldiers are taking part in the ten-day mock war, which is according to officials, the largest training event in the past 20 years. It is no secret that today, there are mounting tensions along both the Syrian and Lebanese borders. The exercise which is underway ends on Thursday, 23 Elul.

All branches of the IDF will be participating in the training event including the air force, ground forces and the navy. Many reservists were called up to participate in the mock war which is being carried out under the Northern Command, headed by Northern District Commander Major-General Yoel Strick.

Israel believes that Hizbullah has over 100,000 rockets which can be launched into all areas of Israel as well as a trained army of tens of thousands of fighters.