Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has been a long-time proponent of land exchange with the PA (Palestinian Authority) towards reaching peace. He has called for giving the PA the Nachal I’ron area, known more commonly as Wadi Ara, home to many Israeli Arab municipalities and large Israeli areas like Maale Adumim would be annexed into Israel in exchange.. He feels it is time for Israel to rid itself of Arab lawmakers who hate the state and actively work against it.

Lieberman feels the same is true regarding senior radical Islamic clerics like Sheik Raid Salah who heads the northern branch of the outlawed Israel Islamic Association.

He feels his solution is ideal as “no one has to be evicted from their homes” and there is no need for population transfer.

While Lieberman has spoken openly of his plan many times, this is the first time he detailed it since assuming his senior cabinet post.