The families of the hostages on Wednesday issued a special statement to the media moments before departing to The Hague to file a report against the leaders of Hamas at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

At the gateway to boarding flight 131LY, on the 131st day of the 134 hostages being held captive by Hamas, the families of the hostages gave a special statement to the media before boarding the plane to The Hague.

Ofri Bibas, sister of Yarden (Jordan) Bibas, who was kidnapped with his wife and two young children to Gaza, said: ”Two children, one an infant and his older brother, still innocent of the world’s evils, along with their parents, are held captive by a terror organization whose members have killed, blinded, and committed unspeakable acts, and it doesn’t end there… We continue to receive numerous reports that these cruel acts are still happening today.”

”Today, we are making history by coming to The Hague, to the International Criminal Court, a crucial step in our fight, as citizens of the state and of the world, to declare “no more!” Such crimes cannot be the legacy of humanity.... Read More: Arutz-7