Jerusalem, Israel - Jan. 8, 2020 - Bizmax an innovative business center for Charedi male residents of Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Kemach Foundation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, the Jerusalem Development Authority, and various nonprofits, sponsored a Hi-Tech conference held in the Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria Hotel on Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

The Kemach Foundation is a non-profit grant-making body that serves Charedim in Israel by providing scholarships and job placement enabling them to join the workforce to better provide for their families and contribute to the economy of Israel. According to the Kemach Foundation Annual Report 2018, released in September 2019, the Kemach Foundation has helped over 20,000 individuals to find jobs in the last decade.

At the conference, entrepreneurial Charedi men and women were able to hear from a variety of experts, and Israeli business leaders.   

The program began with greetings from Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion and Moshe Friedman CEO of Kama-Tech. Among the distinguished presenters were Michal Herzog, Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Yossi Deitch, CEO of Kivun Mordechai Feldstein, Erel Margalit CEO of Jerusalem Venture Partners, Finance Minister Shaul Meridor, Commissioner of Labor Moti Elisha, Director General of the Jerusalem Development Authority Eyal Haimovsky, Aharon Aharon Director of Innovation Authority, and Itzik Crombie, founder and CEO of Bizmax.

British Jewish philanthropist Mark Schimmel President of Global Brothers was interviewed by Israeli journalist Zvika Klein. 


Discussing the prospects for employment.


Rabbi Nehemiah Steinberger interviewed Professor Daniel Hershkowitz, former Israeli cabinet minister. 

The Kivun Center in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and the Jerusalem Municipality offers employment guidance for the Charedi sector on finding an appropriate and well-paying job, in line with the needs and lifestyle of the Charedi residents of Jerusalem.  

Manpower Bereshit CEO Gideon Cooperman told BJL their organization has had success in the placement of Charedi workers in jobs with potential for financial growth.

While some conference attendees might be interested in employment or advancement, Debbie Oziel of Brix Software LTD said she "is hiring and let everyone know to be in touch if interested."