Jerusalem - A military court in Judea on Wednesday sentenced two Arab terrorists to 35 years and 32 years imprisonment respectively, as well as a total of NIS 2.5 million in compensation after they were convicted of the murder of IDF Staff Sgt. Tuvia Yanai Weismann, Z'l, H'yd, and the injuring of an Israeli civilian in the Rami Levy market at Sha’ar Binyamin in February 2016.

The terrorists’ names and details were not publicized because they are minors.

The military prosecution requested that they be sent to prison for life, but the court refrained from doing so due to their young age. The prosecution intends to appeal the verdict.

A third terrorist was also sentenced to 35 years in prison, and the prosecution is expected to appeal this verdict as well.

The verdict states that the three planned to carry out a stabbing attack against Jews in the commercial zone of Sha’ar Binyamin. They armed themselves with knives and first seriously wounded an Israeli civilian, and then encountered Weisman, a combat soldier on leave who was there shopping with his wife and daughter, and stabbed him to death as he fought against them. Weisman’s actions thwarted the continuation of the attack. Read more at VINnews