Jerusalem, Israel - July 5, 2019 - The 27th Annual B'nai Brith World Center Awards for Journalism for 2019, recognizing excellence in Diaspora Reporting were held in Jerusalem, Israel, at the Meachem Begin Heritage Center on Wednesday night. 

Antonia Yamin, from Kan 11 won for her news coverage from Europe. Zvika Klein of Makor Rishon won for his diaspora reporting in print media. Both were in attendance and spoke when being presented their awards. 

Attila Somfalvi, of Ynet news, appeared in a prerecorded video. Israeli singer Yehoram Gaon received a special citation for fostering Israel-Diaspora through the arts. A clip from one of his old song videos was shown.

After the awards were presented Dr. Deborah Lipstadt, Dorot Professor of Modern Jewish History and Holocaust Studies at Emory University in Atlanta, GA delivered the keynote address.

Rather than write a summary of her well organized and presented talk BJL is sharing the following short videos:

1. On the beginnings of antisemitism - to pre-judge, to know facts before:


2. Racists and antisemites

3. Today antisemites are emboldened


4. The Jew becomes the demon

5. The "salon" subtle antisemitism


6. Jews should not only see the tearful


Jewish leadership must make Jews the subject and not just the object. Provide for positive Shabbat morning and other experiences for children. With armed police and security outside of synagogues in the US today, this becomes increasingly difficult and more important. 

Under normal circumstances, Dr. Lipstadt would have attracted a standing room only crowd in the Begin Center auditorium. However, many seats were empty for the journalism awards and her presentation. Protests the previous day had shut down major Israeli roads for hours and made travel extremely difficult.  Many people were concerned and afraid of extensive delays, which did not occur and missed an impressive event.