Jerusalem - The Chief Rabbis of Israel met on Thursday with the religious leaders of the Israeli-Ethiopian community after which they issued a call to end the violent protests the country has seen in recent days.

The rabbis underscored that contending with prejudice against the community must continue, and called on the police to allow the community to protest in a peaceful manner.

The chief rabbis said they would speak with the police while the Israeli-Ethiopian leaders said they would ensure that law and order were maintained during the demonstrations.

Rioters throughout the country in recent days have been protesting the death of Solomon Tekah, an 18-year-old Israeli of Ethiopian descent who was shot dead by a police officer during a scuffle on Sunday night. The Ethiopian community claims he was wrongfully shot.

The riots included the torching of cars, the blocking of major routes, several incidents that almost ended with a lynching and the mass assault if rioters on police stations and police forces in several cities.

The police officer’s shooting of an Israeli-Ethiopian again stirred public controversy with claims of the officer’s excessive use of force and racism. Read more at VINnews