After Pepsi got the boot from Rosh Hashanah in Uman at the tziyun of Rabbi Nachman, ZT”L, because of kashrus, we now learn that honey is being brought from Eretz Yisrael too. In past years, honey was purchased from local farmers not far from the tziyun.

Ladaat News reports that this year, the Eida sent mashgichim to probe the primitive villages from which the honey was acquired. The theory was that since these are primitive villages, the honey is pure and there is no cause for concern. A mashgiach found a bottle of a white substance in one farm and when he asked what it is, he was told it is glue used to help with hive maintenance.

When the glue was analyzed, they were somewhat surprised to learn it was made from pork. In essence, it does not render the honey treif as the product is glue, but Siyata Dishmaya would have it as the mashgiach saw the primitive farmer use the spoon with which he prepared the honey to mix the glue before he began working.

While strictly speaking the item is batel in the honey and still kosher, but it was decided to stop the practice of buying local honey, preferring instead to import honey with an Eida Chareidis from Israel for Rosh Hashanah.