Second appeal by far-right politician against jail sentence for displaying tattoo of Nazi death camp rejected.

A German court rejected the appeal of a far-right German politician against his sentence for displaying a tattoo of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp.

Marcel Zech, a member of the extreme-right National Democratic Party, displayed the large tattoo on his back at a public swimming pool in November 2015. The tattoo included a phrase from the gate of the Buchenwald death camp, “Jedem das Seine” — “to each his own.”

In December 2015, the district court in Oranienburg gave him a six-month suspended sentence, which he appealed.

The appeals court rejected his appeal and in November 2016 ruled that the district court had been too lenient. It lengthened his sentence to 8 months in prison and did not allow the sentence to be suspended.

He appealed the verdict a second time. His second appeal was also rejected Thursday.