Afghanistan’s ambassador to the United States, Adela Raz, has lost her country and her faith in the U.S. government — and her life’s work of liberating women and girls is in shambles. She shared her despair with “Axios on HBO” in her first television interview since the fall of Kabul.

Raz said, bluntly, she doesn’t think President Biden cares about the fate of Afghan women and girls. She also revealed new details to Axios indicating former President Ashraf Ghani’s secret escape was more premeditated than publicly known.

In a devastating moment, she suggested she feels guilty for encouraging Afghan women to believe in a new future and serve with her in government, and for those she encouraged to stay in Afghanistan.

“One of them was a young woman that was assassinated. She was a human rights advocate,” Raz said, tearing up.... Read More: Axios