SUSSEX (VINnews) — A police sergeant from East Sussex, UK will face a disciplinary hearing, after over an alleged breach of police equality and diversity standards.

The sergeant, who has only been identified as police sergeant Jacobs, is being accused of a disrespectful act towards a Jewish officer on the force last March.

According to the complaint, Jacobs deliberately dangled a slice of pepperoni pizza over the lunch belonging to an officer Jacobs knew to be Jewish. A piece of pepperoni fell on to the Jewish officer’s lunch, rendering it unfit for him to eat under religious law.

According to the College of Policing, the standards of professional behavior include acting “fairness and impartiality” and to “not discriminate unlawfully and unfairly”. According to the national code of ethics, this includes considering the needs of “protected characteristic groupings”, including religion and belief.”

The Sussex Police Department’s website states: “Sussex Police is committed to promoting equality and respect for diversity in the way it serves Sussex in delivering policing and also as an employer.”

Sergeant jacobs will be facing a disciplinary hearing at Sussex Police Headuarters on November 19.