Baltimore, MD - Mar. 9, 2018 - As our community continues to grow, the number of banquets, fundraisers, lectures, and other community-wide events taking place throughout the year continues to grow as well.   

25 years ago, the Agudah Community Calendar was created and has since functioned as a vital community resource providing our organizations with a central calendar so that conflicting events are avoided or limited to whatever extent possible.  This calendar is benevolently coordinated by Mrs. Chaya Pollock and has directly contributed to the shalom between our many community organizations for which Baltimore is renowned.   We would like to thank Mrs. Pollock for her hard work for the last 25 years and for agreeing to continue coordinating this calendar as it expands to this additional platform.  

To further advance the calendar’s mission, discussions began over the last year regarding the possibility of creating a web-based version of the calendar.  If you are reading this, then you are one of the many people in our community who are “technologically connected” and who could benefit by having immediate online access to the calendar. 

A natural partner to achieve this goal was, (BJL),  which already provides virtual solutions to many community needs.  BJL team members and developers proceeded to work for many hours to develop an advanced online platform which allows Baltimore’s organizations to immediately schedule events on the calendar, and to allow updates to reach community members in real-time.  Therefore..

…we are excited to announce that after months of development and testing, in coordination between Mrs. Pollock and the calendar team, the “One Community Calendar” has been launched and is now live and on line.

To schedule an event or check date availability there are now two options:

          1. Contact Mrs. Pollock at 410.358.8724 or via email: 


          2. Visit and click ‘Calendar’ on the top left side of the homepage.

Mrs. Pollock will continue to be an administrator for calendar scheduling and has already added all previously submitted events into the online system.   

BJL will be the contact for web account and technical questions, which can be sent to

Attention organizations:  The new web-based calendar has one ‘Organizational User Account’ available for each community organization.  When logged into this account, this account has extra functionality not available to public users. If your organization does not yet have an account, please contact to request an account.