Baltimore, MD - December 12, 2017 - The arrival of the Hoffman Family kicked off the beautiful evening marking NCSY's 43rd annual Isaac H. Taylor Jewish Music Festival, Sunday night, December 3rd 2017, honoring Robyn and Ed Hoffman and featuring the musical talent of Eli Marcus, Mordechai Shapiro and Benny Friedman. This NCSY concert was the most enjoyable yet!

The event began with a beautiful VIP reception filled to the brim with NCSY supporters, all uniting with a shared passion for Jewish outreach and a deep sense of appreciation for the Hoffman Family.  The night began with opening greetings from the Regional Youth Commission Chair, Dr. Michael Elman. The VIP's also heard a moving and emotional speech of thanks from Ed Hoffman, as well as from Atlantic Seaboard NCSY Regional Co-President, Leora Trencher, who has been deeply impacted by the work of NCSY.  

Just minutes before the concert began, the VIP's were ushered downstairs taking their seats among the 2000 other concert-goers in attendance. The NCSY concert was kicked off with co-hosts Azi Rosenbloom and Atlantic Seaboard teen leader, Sam Glick. After a very brief program including an inspiring video about the Hoffman profound contribution to K'lal Yisroel, as well as a poignant tribute to the concert's benefactor, Dr. Irving Taylor IBM.

The packed house was radiating energy as all three musical acts had an interwoven performance.  From their newest hits to the crowd-pleasing favorites, Eli Marcus, Mordechai Shapiro, and Benny Friedman, were incredible and left the concert attendees cheering for more! 

While incredibly entertaining and enjoyable - the NCSY concert is about far more than a fun night out with great music.  As Leora Trencher said in her brief remarks during the concert, "NCSY provides for teens a positive space with great role models, so we all can not just maintain our beliefs and practices, but develop them. Teens across the Atlantic Seaboard Region come together to be surrounded by these role models, the Rebbeim, the Jewish leaders who serve as that positive influence. They help us maintain who we are, but more than that, they help us to grow.I would like to thank all of you for being role models to us through demonstrating your commitment to Kiruv, outreach, and Chizuk, strengthening of Jewish teens."