Pikesville, MD – Nov. 21, 2017 -  At approximately 5:30 this evening, crime reared its ugly head once again in our community. The incident took place at WellCare Pharmacy,  on Old Court Road, downstairs from the office of a popular Orthodox pediatrician.

According to an eyewitness (an orthodox mother with her two young children present), an African American male entered the pharmacy brandishing a gun and grabbed a customer as a shield. He demanded that the pharmacist empty the cash register while he held the gun to his victim’s head.

The woman related that she immediately ran with her children into the bathroom, locked the door and dialed 911. By the time the police arrived, the perpetrator had fled the scene.

The police then knocked on the bathroom door and informed the mother that it was safe to come out.

By that time Baltimore Police Detectives questioned the witnesses and dusted for prints.

The investigation is ongoing.