BALTIMORE — Baltimore police said they're seeing a spike in violent juvenile crime. Last week, teenage suspects were accused of robbing people for money and cellphones, beating some victims with wooden boards. Juveniles are responsible for two carjackings, police said.

A victim told 11 News she was carjacked shortly after she parked her car near her Charles Village home. In some of these cases, police said the suspects aren't even old enough to drive.

Violent, repeat juvenile offenders are wreaking havoc, robbing and assaulting people, and stealing cars, police said.

 "Last year, when we went after the young people who were committing those crimes, and we took them into custody, we watched it drop. We watched it flatten up. Then, we started seeing it pick up again and we went back to the books, and checked who had been released from prison, and it all matched up," Baltimore police Chief T.J. Smith said.

 A man was attacked and his car stolen after he dropped his kid off at a northwest Baltimore synagogue, police said.

 "He was pinned by a suspect vehicle against his car he started to run away, and they chased him, the suspects chased him, beat him up, took his car keys, and took off in his car," police Commissioner Kevin Davis said.

 Four juveniles were taken into custody for questioning a short time later. Investigators said one of them is 10 years old.

 The northwest district is leading the city in carjackings, but they are also happening in other parts of the city.

 "They chased me, and I was running and I was screaming, at that point, and they came and they forced me onto the ground," victim May Chung said.

 The carjacking happened about a block away from the home Chung moved into five days earlier. Chung said the people who attacked her shortly after midnight Monday were teenagers.

 "I'm more conscious of my surroundings now, and I'm more vigilant," Chung said.

Chung said she isn't planning on leaving Charles Village. She had a message for the teens who stole her car.

 "At the end of the day, I'm going to get a new car, but the kids that mugged me they might not have a better future, so I would like to meet them and hopefully remediate their situation," Chung said.

 Police have not found Chung's car.

 She gave 11 News a description: It's a 2015 silver Honda Accord with North Carolina license plates DDL-6841. If you see that car, call police.