Baltimore, MD – Nov. 11, 2017 – Last night, at approximately 11:45 PM, a carjacking took place at the corner of Westbrook & Fallstaff.

At the stop sign the perpetrators bumped a woman’s car. As she exited her vehicle, 2 black males came out of the “bump” car, leaving the driver in their car. They proceeded to hit her in the head and then steal her car, coat and phone.

Speaking to some of those living on Fallstaff on whose doors she knocked, BJL was told that she screamed that she had just been carjacked. At the instruction of the Vaad Rabbanim, one called 911. Because it was difficult to determine whether this situation was real some did not let her in.

Eventually one neighbor opened his home to her from where she called the Police.

If you see somehting, say something. Call the Police and Shomrim; 410.358.9999