A family from New Jersey was attacked by a group of teenagers at Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

The incident took place on Saturday, October 21st, the night of the Baltimore Marathon.

The family of ten was celebrating a 14-year-old’s birthday when the teens rushed up to them, and attacked.

Two family members got concussions. 

"It's frustrating for everyone. It's frustrating for the police. It's frustrating for the moms of the children. It's frustrating for the children who feel, I don't know what they feel, but they're missing something," said Karole Ozkirbas, who was visiting the Inner Harbor.

In March, a group of teens were caught on video robbing a man in downtown Baltimore. Last week, police said juveniles attacked and robbed cyclists.

In Baltimore City last year, 156 juveniles were arrested pending adult criminal charges, which is triple the number in Prince George's County.

"The problem is most people will never get to know who these juveniles are because they're protected under juvenile laws, but they're habitual offenders. That graduates into adult crime," Smith said.

Police said they're looking to see if there is camera footage that could help them identify the juveniles.