Message from Rabbi Dovid Heber to his Kehilla:

As all of you are aware, Hurricane Irma is heading towards Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. This storm is rachmana litzlan very dangerous and many residents have evacuated their homes, unsure of what their neighborhoods will look like when they return. This includes many of Achainu Bnei Yisroel who have already left parts of Miami and other areas to safe locations before Shabbos. It is important that we continue to daven on their behalf.

At the suggestion of our good friend, Dr. Michael Elman (see below) we have set up a rotation of Tehilim with half-hour slots beginning at 5:30 am Shabbos morning until 1:00 am late Sunday night.

 Please choose one or two half-hour slots at the link below. During your designated half-hour either recite Tehilim or alternatively recite Tehilim for at least five minutes and learn uninterupted for the balance of the half-hour. Have in mind that it should be a zchus for them. Men and women of any age, member or non-member can sign up. More than one person can sign up for the same time slot.

May we share in future bsuros tovos. Thank you and gut Shabbos.

Rabbi Dovid Heber

KAYTT – Baltimore