Baltimore, MD - Sept. 5 - Over 250 excited men, women and children participated in a huge Kiddush Hashem on Sunday, 2nd day of Rosh Chodesh Elul when K'hal Chassidim of Baltimore and the Kollel Le'Horo'ah celebrated a Hachnosas Sefer Torah. The event inaugurated the new Chassidishe Cheder as well. The procession took place on a beautiful sunny day and was well attended by local, New York and international friends, family and Rabbonim. 

Local Sofer, Rabbi Moshe Rooshanshad, had helped locate and finish the beautiful Sefer Torah. Korn's Torah Truck from Monsey NY provided the music, chuppah, torches and light sticks. 

Nearly 100 people were zocheh to write a letter in the new Torah, which was presided over by the Rov and Rosh Kollel Rabbi Hershel Rosenfeld, including Rav Moshe Heinemann, Rav David Heber, Rav Shaya Taub and Rabbi Shmuel Silber. Refreshments were served at the kesivas oisios as well as at the Beis Medrash. 

The dancing with the Sefer Torah proceeded up Pinkney Road to Biltmore and Parkington, to its new home at the Beis Medrash. Plans for a new Beis Medrash were seen and caused much interest and excitement among the attendees. 

The dancing continued and accelerated in pitch as the Kollel Yungeleit brought out the current Sifrei Torah from the shul to greet the new Sefer Torah. Everyone who was interested got a chance to dance with the Torah. 

Once inside the Beis Medrash the dancing continued and grew even more leibadig. The event was capped off by Tehillim, and a Seudas Rosh Chodesh was later held for the Mispallelim of the Beis Medrash, at Bnos Yisroel. 

May we merit seeing more wonderful events like this in our beautiful, growing community. 

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