Baltimore, MD – Nov. 26, 2015 – This past Sunday, November 22, Ner Israel Rabbinical College celebrated its 82nd annual Dinner. As the accompanying photographs show, there was a full house and the assemblage demonstrated the diversity of support for the yeshiva. A key element in the banquet's success was the galvanizing of a number of younger alumni who worked with devotion to enlist the support of their contemporaries and friends.

This year's honorees were Rabbi Yankel Herskowitz, Dr. & Mrs. Joel and Sharlene Pleeter and Mr. Dovid Feinberg.  On videos shown before the meal, each spoke of their relationship with the yeshiva:

After the main course, another video was shown featuring alumni from all over explaining their connection to the yeshiva.

Kol Rom Multimedia produced all videos which received rave reviews and kept the audience in the hall until the very end of the dinner.

Founded with a handful of students by Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Halevi Ruderman, zatzal, in 1933 and developed into one of the world's premier institutions of higher Torah learning by Rabbi Herman N. Neuberger, zatzal, the yeshiva is today entering a new era with increased vigor and drive.  It's impact on Baltimore is evident to all with its hundreds of talmidim occupying positions of leadership in every facet of the community.

The annual dinner is a demonstration of solidarity and a source of support for Ner Israel and the large turnout speaks well of the relationship with the community of Baltimore.

The videos above give voice to this impact.