Baltimore, MD - Nov. 14 - This past Sunday morning at the Milk and Honey Bistro’s new party room, 36 guests came to celebrate a Siyum . It was the first group event in the Bistro’s new addition and the Bistro management was thrilled to have such an event to open the new party room. A very beautiful brunch was served.

Rabbi Shlomo Horwitz, the Magid Shiur, together with more than 20 of his talmidim and wives, were celebrating the completion of Mesechta Avodah Zara. The daily morning shiur meets every morning Monday through Friday after davening at Shomrei Emunah Congregation. More than twenty coffee and tea drinking fellows spend 35 minutes each morning listening and interacting with a very animated Rebbe who is known for his very innovative learning props in explaining the Gemara to his many students.