Baltimore, MD - May 9, 2024  - As part of the Baltimore Zionists Districts ongoing commitment to standing up for Israel and the Jewish community, the BZD is organizing a rally this Monday, May 13, 2024 (Erev Yom Ha'Atzmaut). We will peacefully assemble at 6:00 pm at the plaza located on the corner of Charles Street and 34th Street to express our support for the State of Israel. We will stand across the street from the Johns Hopkins University encampment to peacefully and publicly deliver these simple messages: we are proud Zionists, we love Israel, we support the soldiers risking their lives to protect Israel and defeat Hamas, and we demand and pray for the return of the hostages. Please note that we will not be on the JHU campus and will not engage in any way with the encampment itself.

May 13th 6:00PM: It's YOUR time to stand up for ISRAEL and the Baltimore JEWISH COMMUNITY.

Bus pickup Beth El Congregation for $15/per person. Please make sure to park in the back of the lot closest to the grass. Arrive between 5:00PM and 5:15PM. The bus will leave promptly at 5:30PM.

Please note: To reserve your spot on the bus, both payment and registration are required.

Payment link:

Registration link: 

This information is disseminated by the Baltimore Zionist District Antisemitism & Hate Crimes Commission.