Baltimore, MD - Apr. 20, 2024 - With MD's Primary Election Day only a few weeks away, efforts to bolster our community's voting footprint continue to expand. With so many bochurim home for Pesach, a great opportunity to register them to vote was met beginning last week at Mercaz Torah u'Tefillah (Rav Eichenstein).

The first ever "voter registration kiosk" was set up by Agudah Maryland together with Computer Cure, MD. The kiosk will be available thru erev Pesach in the shul lobby, the day before voter registration ends across the state.

In addition to registering to vote, those who will not be in Maryland during the week of Early Voting (May 2-9) or on Primary Election Day (May 15), may fill out an application for a mail-in-ballot at the kiosk.